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The Dude
10-24-2003, 03:50 PM
I have a Question,

The E on my interent explorer dissapeared,now im stuck with a globe for that icon,HOW DO I GET THE 'E' BACK?????? (You know the blue light blue E for ie)

I have another program associated with that icon,and when i try and change it,it goes to that programs icon and not the E..I had it before,this computer im on SUCKS!!!!!!

Any help would be appreaciated!!!


The Dude :)

10-25-2003, 03:14 AM
Open Windows Explorer, then select TOOLS, then Folder Options, then FileTypes and see if Iexplorer is listed, then edit and change the icon.

also, try clicking on the Quicklaunch taskbar's IE icon. right click it, select Propertys, then Change Icon, and change it to the icon you want it to be.

The Dude
10-25-2003, 06:52 PM
Thanx buddy,i re-downloaded it (IE6) and then uninstalled it and found a DLL with that E in it,so i just changd it to that dll and selected the E..

Thank you though,and nice site.......

The Dude :)

10-25-2003, 07:45 PM
Originally posted by The Dude@Oct 25 2003, 06:52 PM
i re-downloaded it (IE6) and then uninstalled it
that also works!

The Dude
10-26-2003, 04:54 PM
Yes i suppose it does :)

See,i have a different browser associated with that E,i dont have IE,i have MyIE (http://www.myie2.com) Which is far better than IE!!

I do have a question though,With this browser,IT DOES NOT RECOGNIZE JAVA!!

If i go HERE (http://www.javatester.org/version.html) if displays Java 1.1.4 If i go there from Netscape,it displays Java 1.4.2

I have tried re-installing java over and over,to no avail......

I dunno if its cause of the user-agent data not being the same in MYIE2 as IE or what.......

There is someone on the DISCUSSION SITE (http://www.myie2.com/forum) said they have java working 100% with MyIE2......I have no idea how!!!!!! (They have java 1.4.2_02)

If someone could point me in the right direction,it'd be very appreaciated!!!

The Dude ;)

10-26-2003, 06:27 PM
Originally posted by The Dude@Oct 26 2003, 05:54 PM
I do have a question though,With this browser,IT DOES NOT RECOGNIZE JAVA!!

If i go HERE if displays Java 1.1.4 If i go there from Netscape,it displays Java 1.4.2
Right, java is not a single app, that works with all browsers, it is usually packaged with the browser. Netscape comes with its own, IE has its own, IE has a JAVA from Microsoft, while Netscape uses the Java from SUN Microsystems.
MyIE does not use the other brosers VM, it will use it's own, or, installed in a way that the MyIE recognizes the installed Java.
there is different forms of java also, there is the Java JRE (runtime environment) the Java VM (virtual machine) Java SDK (software development kit). It could be that MyIE has not built their browser with native java support, so you will need to look on their site to see what the recommend and steps on how-to add Java.
I am not presently running MyIE, nor do i have it installed. so i can not see the preferences for adding java at this time.
Opera Web browser is one that can be downloaded with Java or without Java.

The Dude
10-27-2003, 05:43 PM

Ill have to tell my friend who is working on the builds for this,thats a good idea....

Well,there is an option to add IE plugins/MyIE plugins,i was thinking of trying to add java as a plug in (Hehehehe) I dunno.......

Ya,i suggest downloading it my friend,you will like it 100%!!!

Auto pop up blocker,etc...........

The Dude :)

10-28-2003, 02:06 AM
Originally posted by The Dude@Oct 27 2003, 06:43 PM
Ya,i suggest downloading it my friend,you will like it 100%!!!

Auto pop up blocker,etc...........

The Dude :)
Well i dont use Windows too much, i spent more time running different operating systems, such as Solaris and FreeBSD, that i dont worry much about browsers these days, I prefer Galeon and Lynx, though not liking the way Galeon has been heading lately so just stick with Konqueror web browser mostly. And I use Netscape on Solaris.

I have run Firebird, which has alot of plug-ins, such as pop-up blockers, but with a good crafted HOSTS file and disabling javascripting, pop-ups are not an issue even on IE.

The Dude
10-28-2003, 04:02 PM
All that and more can be done on MyIE2 my friend!!!

You can disable Java applets,images,sounds,flash,scripts (Which comes in very handy on 1 site i goto),videos,ActiveX,very good program :)

I credit Bloodchen 100% (The author) I am trying to help him work out certain bugs,etc........The program doesnt recognize a dsl/CABLE CONNECTION under Win98,and as a result,doesnt display network speed....Im trying to help him work that out.........

I love the auto-pop up blocker as well......

The Dude :)

The Dude
10-30-2003, 10:43 AM

I have come to find out that the person that has Java working 100% with MyIE has XP,i have 98 :(

Still,there has gotta be a DLL or something to make the latest java prg work with MyIE2 under 98!!!!!

The Dude :)


Java now works 100% with MyIE2/Maxthon :)

10-30-2003, 02:21 PM
http://java.sun.com/products/archive/j2se/...1_03/index.html (http://java.sun.com/products/archive/j2se/1.4.1_03/index.html)

Get the above version of Java. I use it with Mozilla Firebird and K-Meleon without any problems.

I've sent this one to friends having Java problems in Firebird with different versions as well, fixes the problem.

Maybe it will work for MyIE.

The Dude
11-01-2003, 02:19 PM
It seems like no matter what version of Java i install,MYIE doesnt recognize anything excpet MICROSOFT STUFF....

There has got to be a way of forcing it to use the SUN JAVA thinking its accessing the microsoft one (I THINK MICROSOFT DID THIS ON PURPOSE TO BLOCK OTHER STUFF FROM RUNNING IN IE BASED STUFF) :(

The Dude :)

11-01-2003, 03:33 PM
Microsoft's java is alittle different that Suns, this is why they stopped shipping with java for a bit, til they wrote their own, so MyIE might only recognize the java from MS.
yea, MS did this because they want to rule the market on everything.

The Dude
11-03-2003, 11:14 PM
I found this registry entry for FIREBIRD that changes its version # to 1.5 and that makes JAVA work 100% with firebird.....

My Question is,could the same thing be done w/MyIE (I would think so....)

Heres the reg line (It would need to be edited for MyIE2 path obviouslyt)



The Dude :)