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11-18-2002, 01:01 AM
why did it keep signing me out for no reason? there where no virus's or any thing lke that???

11-19-2002, 10:06 AM
its probably a problem with your cookies. make sure you have them enabled and there arent any programs that would delete them (like firewalls, anti-virus).

also, is it signing you out completely, or is it just that when you return you have to re-enter your password.

11-22-2002, 11:07 AM
have you ever thought about leaving 500b-1k worth of bandwidth spare on ur connection? It does ping MSN... Afterall it does have to ping, otherwise everyone will think ur offline and ur actually online and they cant get ahold of u...

On dial ups, some connections to the servers may suspend all data for about 5min (variable). Or after time with no use, the server ur connected to may keep u connected but will not take notice and essentially ignore you...

Those are two main SIMPLE reasons why it would sign out automatically for no reason...