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11-27-2003, 05:33 AM
the information for Nero Burning Rom is outdated...
the current version is v6.0.0.23
on the site is mentioned that v5.5.10.0 the latest is,
I'd like to download v5.5.10.0 also...

11-27-2003, 05:42 AM
The whole site is being updated eventually. don't worry about the outdated "current" notation, you came here for old versions of software, not current ones anyhow. So knowing the current version on the download sections is not all that important.
when the site is done being coded, then i am sure the owners will take the time to fix mistakes as time goes on, but right now, alot of things will be outdated. current versions today are older versions tomorrow.

Nero v5.5.10.00 (12.3megs)
Nero v5.5.10.15 (13.3megs)
ftp://delphi.cctpu.edu.ru/Install/CDWrite...Nero551015a.exe (ftp://delphi.cctpu.edu.ru/Install/CDWrite/Nero_new/Nero551015a.exe)
Nero v5.5.10.42 (13.03megs)
ftp://proxy2.keva.tusur.ru/Windows/cdrec/.../nero551042.exe (ftp://proxy2.keva.tusur.ru/Windows/cdrec/Nero/551042/nero551042.exe)
Nero v5.5.10.54 (12.megs)
ftp://ftp.mathematik.uni-marburg.de/pub/m.../Nero551054.exe (ftp://ftp.mathematik.uni-marburg.de/pub/mirror/ahead/Nero551054.exe)
Nero v5.5.10.7 (13.07megs)
ftp://delphi.cctpu.edu.ru/Install/CDWrite...w/nero55107.exe (ftp://delphi.cctpu.edu.ru/Install/CDWrite/Nero_new/nero55107.exe)
Nero v5.5.10.7b (13.08megs)
ftp://ftp.univie.ac.at/mirror/tucows/file.../nero55107b.exe (ftp://ftp.univie.ac.at/mirror/tucows/files5/nero55107b.exe)