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The Dude
12-13-2003, 11:11 PM
Im running an out of date PC,i just updated by going to WINDOWS UPDATE...The OS took 13 updates (Some a year old or so.....)

I also have TWEAK UI on here,i have the shortcut arrows DELETED from the deskdtop icons,AFTER I INSTALLED THE UPDATES,THE ARROWS ARE THERE!!!!!!!!

I have tried uninstalling TWEAK UI to no avail,i have tried restoring a prev. registry from before i took the updates,and no good!!! Is there something i can do in the registry??

My Question is,IF I RE-INSTALL 98,WILL IT GO BACK THE WAY IT WAS??? (W/O the 13 updates) and will i lose any icons/programs???????

Thank you all.......


I restored my original SHELL32.DLL file from before i installed those 13 updates and things are back the way they were :) (A few months ago i did this)

12-13-2003, 11:16 PM
Did you try the TweakUi option to rebuild the icons? you have to run it sometimes each time after you make changes to the core system, which updating would do that
also, be sure you are running TweakUi133

Yes, if you reinstall windows, it will take you back to before you updated. unless you tried installing overtop the system, and not from a clean install. but most likely it will remove those "foreign" updates that the older Win 98 wont recognize.