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12-15-2003, 04:05 PM
Looking for older version of "PhotoPrinter LE" by Arcsoft Version 2 would be fine!
E Mail hdemo@comcast.net if you can help. Thanks

Goslow unplugged
12-16-2003, 07:11 AM
I have a couple of file sizes for this one however I posted the most likely
Did you read the posted topic in requests ? because your missing a link to the home site and description/function of the application requested.
If you download and install post the versions # back here thankyou
photoprinter 03/13/00 7.34M An easy-to-use photo printing program.
( version 2.02.001) ~locustfurnace
ftp://ftp.cyf-kr.edu.pl/pub/mirror/WinSit...toprinterle.exe (ftp://ftp.cyf-kr.edu.pl/pub/mirror/WinSite/win95/miscutil/photoprinterle.exe) Links functional but have not been tested for exact file/version (click on link oar :) right click save target as)
BLUE If you don't like those kinds of thrills wait until the software is "out of" beta.