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12-21-2003, 05:04 PM
i installed kazaa 2.5 which i believe contains adware or spyware, i have used the ctrl alt delete function on the keyboard and it doesnt show anything running that is not usually there,when i have kazaa running it shows that but doesnt show anything else does this mean that possibly spybot has stopped the extras from working, i was told that it wouldnt run without the added extras but it seems to work fine, please quote your views on this topic,

12-21-2003, 08:43 PM
the hidden services that are embedded into these programs, do not always have to show up in the task manager. they can be hidden so you do not see it running. Not all spyware/adware will be seperate from the running program -kazaa, they will work when the program itselfs run. the child processes - if it creates any, dont always show up.
you can see more of whats running by using the built in System Information in Windows, click on the START/RUN and type MSINFO32.EXE, then go to the Software Environment, and select each 16bit modules then 32 bit modules which should give you alittle more info on whats running.

Windows Startup Inspector (http://www.windowsstartup.com/) FREE, helps users to manage Windows startup applications. Windows Startup Inspector provides information on the programs that are running at your Windows startup process. Whether a program is necessary to the system, or is the program a spyware.
FileMon (http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/source/filemon.shtml) monitors and displays file system activity on a system in real-time. Its advanced capabilities make it a powerful tool for exploring the way Windows works, seeing how applications use the files and DLLs, or tracking down problems in system or application file configurations.

The Dude
12-22-2003, 12:20 AM

Kazaa is NOT SAFE.......Kazaa LITE is moderatly safe.........(From RIAA idiots)

The Dude :)

12-22-2003, 06:06 AM
maybe so but its ability to download is slowly decreasing , i had lite but it was becoming less and less useful as time goes on, aparently the new kazaa 2.6 rejects kazaa lite and wont let you download, read reports all over the internet, k lite is slowly becoming less and less of an option

12-23-2003, 04:27 AM
Kazaa lite is dying and will be dead soon. Don't bother getting it.

Get the new Kazaa 2.6 and the program dietK

Dietk removes/deactivates all kazaa spyware and you can get it at download.com.

12-23-2003, 02:39 PM
PrcView FREE, is a process viewer utility that displays detailed information about processes running under Windows. For each process it displays memory, threads and module usage. For each DLL it shows full path and version information. PrcView comes with a command line version that allows you to write scripts to check if a process is running, kill it, etc.

01-11-2004, 01:23 PM
I got that program :D Also use WinMx, even though it is rarely updated, it is still good. Remember:

Kazaa = Don't Download
Kazaa Lite = Up to You
Kazaa + Diet Kazaa = Good!
WinMx = Good!
Shareza = Moderately good

01-11-2004, 05:43 PM
I don't know if I'm missing the point here but I got so fed up with having to disable adware and spyware in Kaaza 2.5 and still have to run Spybot that I downloaded an early version 2.0 from Oldversion (http://www.oldversion.com/download.php?idlong=98138eb5f20a52b7c32dea5ea9c3cd 28). This version asks if you want to install adware, and can be more easily controlled with something like spybot http://www.terra.es/personal5/jamesjag/Wink.gif

Jaime Andrés
01-11-2004, 05:46 PM
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the gaffer
01-17-2004, 02:23 PM
perish the thought but perhaps we all should start to save ready for when file sharing is gone altogether which i believe it will be in the not too distant future

01-18-2004, 06:16 AM
Originally posted by the gaffer@Jan 17 2004, 02:23 PM
perish the thought but perhaps we all should start to save ready for when file sharing is gone altogether which i believe it will be in the not too distant future
Maybe in the current state, such as the p2p networks. but filesharing has been going on for a long time, and each time the face of file sharing changes. One of the more interesting and future ways, is the torrent technology, which offers much more than p2p in its current state does.
Bit Torrent is very popular for downloading ISO images of the latest GNU/LINUX distros. Recently, alot of the companys who use to release ISO's via ftp, are now first making them available only via torrents.

You may wish to read up on bit torrent technology, i will have to drop a link later, not on my computers at the moment. But you can google it to learn more.
What is BitTorrent? (http://www.dessent.net/btfaq/#what)