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the gaffer
12-24-2003, 05:08 AM
im thinking of trying an evaluation copy of windows xp, if i install a 120 day trial version will it destroy my old operating system, or can it be uninstalled and revert back to my old system, also if i try it and decide i like it , can a trial version be registered so that you can keep running it or do you have to buy a full version standard disc and do a fresh installation of xp. any guidence on this matter muchly appreciated,

12-25-2003, 02:50 AM
I have never used an evaluation copy of Windows OS. So i am not certain on its install routine and uninstall. But being that it would be a evaluation, there is a good chance you will be able to revert back to the older windows installation. As the system would be designed to demo, trial the OS out for you, and i dont think it would be too popular if it destroyed - purposely, all the data on your system, but thats what i would think, but that might not be how Microsoft thinks.
I think you will have to buy a full version or upgrade version - if your qualify, once the trial period ends and you decide to go forth with XP.

I have run XP Pro on many machines, and for all the additions to the system, i did not see it as much of an improvement, those additions or "innovations" that Microsoft likes to tout on about are nothing that can not be fulfilled through 3rd party vendors. And usually you still are better off using a 3rd party app then those that are bundled with Windows.
Alot of the "innovations" done at Microsoft really amounts just to purchasing a company, 1 example is Hotmail, which was around for a while before MS snagged it up in '97. I believe alot of the newer DRM and audio codec technology comes from its purchase of Liquid Audio. Even the new Disk Defragmentor looks alot like Diskeepers defrag utility. And then there is Powerpoint, another "innovative" purchase. Some have even said that Word for Windows is derived from Xerox's Bravo. and if you want to really dig deep you then go to the GUI history of which MS innovated the idea from Apple who basically "innovated" the idea from Xerox PARC.....

If you end up using an alternative Web Browser, and an alternative File Manager and an alternative Firewall and alternative music player your removing alot of those "innovative" apps that MS has bundled into their system. If you want Remote Desktop Sharing, you can use VNC or even an older version of Net Meeting, as it has had that capabilites for a long time. Most of the newly visible additions to XP really were available in another version of Windows, but never made it to the forefront. XP uses Themes, which was available in Win95, XP uses Login and file security, available in NT 3.51, XP uses file/folder encryption which was in NT 4.0, XP uses ICS, which was in Win98se.

The only great change to the Windows system was when Windows morphed from Win 3.x to Win 95, and since then it has been stuck to that Win95 layout, sure XP added some new and rather annoying eye-candy, which is about all it is.

What version of Windows are you presently running? what hardware do you have? how old is our system? do you meet the requirements for XP? if you are using Win98se, and are familiar with it, you might be best just to stick with 98se. I dont see the justification for the cost spending to go to XP if your current system works and does well for you. If you just want to try the XP experience and have the money to burn, then go ahead. You might want to gather up all your devices - video cards, modem, printers, scanners... and make sure the developers have XP drivers for them, else you might have problems getting your older devices to work - not normally an issue though but worth checking into before finding out later you can't find drivers as a company has gone out of business or no longer supports their older hardware.

http://www.microsoft.com/WINDOWSXP/pro/how...ing/advisor.asp (http://www.microsoft.com/WINDOWSXP/pro/howtobuy/upgrading/advisor.asp)
Xp Readiness test

Jaime Andrés
12-25-2003, 02:13 PM
Generally speaking I found Win XP Pro more stable than previous versions but at a price. Namely if you have older periphials <sp> you have to try to find XP compatable drivers. Sometimes these are not available which means you have to scrap a perfectly good piece of kit. Also which I found to my cost, I did a major upgrade on my PC i.e. new motherboard, memory, monitor and GFX card. Apparently Win XP thought it has been installed on a different PC and refused to boot which meant I had to re-install Windows and re-link all of my files and applications. http://www.emotipad.com/newemoticons/Rage2.gif

Presumably the new Longhorn edition of windows will be 95% hype plus a small improvement on XP :unsure:

12-25-2003, 03:23 PM
Originally posted by Jaime Andrés@Dec 25 2003, 04:13 PM
I did a major upgrade on my PC i.e. new motherboard, memory, monitor and GFX card. Apparently Win XP thought it has been installed on a different PC and refused to boot which meant I had to re-install Windows and re-link all of my files and applications.
According to MS, that would be more than enough to raise the Product Activation flag, which requires you to get approval to use their OS once more on your system, which is also a downside to the XP OS. I have also read where there is a limit on the number of times you can reinstall the OS, i read from 11 - 14 times, before MS will refuse to allow you to use your present Activation key and require you to purchase a new one, which would cost as much as the initial purchase. Sicne they feel noone would really needs to reinstall the OS that many times, which is their way of thinking and not necessary the way things are.
So even the idea of a limited shelf life on the OS can also make a big decision on if it is worth the cost, If you frequently reinstall your OS to rid it from nastys, or to give your system that extra boost when newly installed, you will now have to decide if it is worth the reinstall if your ticking off your number of plays.

I think MS needs to stop patching their Windows OS, and begin to build a new one from the ground up, or atleast make clean their binarys from leftovers. While digging through the binarys on XP, i have come across many old leftovers from previous versions, i have found old icons from 9x in some dll&#39;s.
Basically just like the software on here, that is upgrade to a new release, Windows is no different and has made small point jumps, but the cost for this jumps is alot of money for so little improvement.

Microsoft Windows version #&#39;s, just a quick round up

Microsoft Windows 2003 NT = v5.2
Microsoft Windows XP Pro**= *v5.1 (build 2600)
Microsoft Windows 2000*****= *v5.0 (build 2195)
Microsoft Windows ME*******= *v4.90.3000
Microsoft Windows 98se******= *v4.10.2222A
Microsoft Windows 98*********= *v4.10.19998
Windows 95 SP2.5**************= *v4.00.950C
Windows 95 SP2.1**************= *v4.03.1212-1214* (4.00.950B)
Windows 95 SP2*****************= *v4.00.1111* (4.00.950B)
Windows 95 SP1*****************= *v4.00.950A
Windows 95 OEM****************= *v4.00.950
Microsoft Windows NT4.0 ***= *v4.0.1381
*excluding betas and pre 9x family.

the gaffer
12-28-2003, 02:18 PM
all sorted, thanks for the advice, i did one better, my mate loaned me a tower with win xp installed , and im glad your advice made me cautious as im not impressed at all, i think ile stick to the windows m e for a while yet, i find it far better suited to my needs and i didnt think the so called improvements in xp much to shout about. nothing i couldnt find in third party software of which most is free, keep up the good work,

Jaime Andrés
12-28-2003, 05:46 PM
Off topic but the pcpitstop link above gave some valuable (http://www.pcpitstop.com/gator/) information and insight about spyware.

12-31-2003, 05:48 PM
Originally posted by Jaime Andrés@Dec 28 2003, 07:46 PM
Off topic but the pcpitstop link above gave some nformation and insight about spyware.
Very off-topic, you should have posted this into a spyware thread, where it would have served a more useful purpose. If a reply leads to an off-topic discussion, thats usually ok, but to purposely & knowingly post a sentence totally off topic makes no sense in the thread, then it usually appears or is viewed upon as SPAM. As the information your trying to give to people will be missed. If someone is looking through threads on spyware, why would they look in this thread?

This is really the reason why you should not post off topic directly, as it will not be seen by those your intending to have see it.
Also, if there were a thread on Gozilla, you might have been able to post this in it, since it is related and concerns the bundled spyware in gozilla.

If you find info and want to share it, & if you find an appropriate thread, go ahead and post it in there, no matter how old the thread is. This way you will be keeping the topics relevant, and easier to follow, Or post a new thread.