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01-01-2004, 02:09 PM
This site is bleeping awesome. I just came here for the first time, looking for an older download of Kazaa (2.0) that didn't have all the Adware/Spyware garbage in it that the newer versions have. Especially the new 2.6 version which not only overloads windows system files and your regestry with ridiculous amounts of trash, but the garbage also eats up tons of system resource memory as well. I'm running a P4 2.8Ghz(Overclocked to 3.0) and have 512 DDR SDRAM.. since I'm running Win98, which does not come with the fancy system resource manager XP has, my resources go from 81% to a whoppin' 43% after downloading, installing and running the newer version of Kazaa. I'm very thankful this site is around. Thanks again, a great deal of help.

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The Dude
01-01-2004, 05:53 PM
I have a crappy 500mhz AMD processor and i wanna overclock IT,how would i do this??????

Ever since i installed 13 updates from Windwos Update,my processing speed is slower than hell!!!!!

Sometimes its fast,other times its slow......Any1 ever heard of that??? (An unstable processor)???

I was gonna just re-install 98,that would delete all the 13 updates,that would give me some speed back..

Any ideas????

The Dude :)

01-01-2004, 07:00 PM
Crappy AMD?? Its funny that an AMD (at a lower clock speed) can out perform an Intel at a higher clock speed. so must not be too crappy.
My old systems' AMD 900MHZ outperformed an Intel at 1.2Ghz. My Newer AMD 2500 (clock speed of 1.8Ghz, & large cache (512kbs)) is comparable/better than an Intel at 2.5Ghz.

If you want to overclock it, you need to make sure you have enough cooling ability, if you overclock it and it overheats, it will fry it.
At normal useage before overclocking, what temperature is the CPU operating at?
You system could be running slower, if it is also as mentioned above, overheating. removing any peripherals you dont have need for anymore.
You your on DSL/Cable, you no longer need a modem, remove it. unless you use it to fax or as a answering machine.
Make sure you have a front fan (air-in), cpu fan, and exhaust fan (air-out).
Make sure you have a proper bond between the heatsink and CPU, add some thermal paste if there is none, or use some thermal tape.

If you want more speed and power, you need to tune the system, by making adjustments to the Vcache, and Virtual memory (swap file), i have already detailed this on the board elsewhere.
Make sure the Hard drive is using DMA, that you got the proper cables for the Hard drives.
What is more important than CPU speed is the amount of RAM you have, I dont care how fast a processor you have, with little RAM, you will appear to run at a snail pace. So add more RAM. its cheap enough.

dont use windows updates unless you read what they fix and they are required to make your system work properly, if the system works fine without updates, dont update! Most updates are just to fix hardare problems that are for people with certain devices, if you dont own those devices, you dont need em.
Lower the number of fonts installed, no need to have 1,000 fonts, basic installed fonts should do well, if you do graphic design, then you will have to either load/unload those fonts when needed, or use a dedicated workstation for graphic editing.

01-02-2004, 05:02 AM
A couple of other things....

First off, to overclock your CPU, you can do a couple of different things. First, you can do it manually in your system BIOS. To do this, first you need to find out what BIOS chip/system you have (Phoenix, Biostar, etc). Once you do that, you can log onto their website and there should be some kind of support page that will tell you how to overclock your CPU. Here's the catch though, some CPU's have overclock locks on them. This means you won't be able to overclock them at all, although there's an old saying.. what can be done, can also be undone. I don't have a list of CPU's that are locked off hand, so I can't help you there. Second way to overclock would be to find a good piece of software that will do it for you. My Drivers and Utilities CD that came with my new Motherboard, has an awesome Overclock utility called Warspeeder. Overclocks your CPU in increments of .03 or .01 Mhz. Each time it increases, it then does a graphics test. If passes, it increases again.. and again, until graphic test fails, which will then shutdown your PC and reboot it, setting the voltage to the last setting at which it passed it's test at.

As locustfurnace stated, make sure you have adequate cooling, otherwise re-loading Win98 will be the least of your problems.... you'll be purchasing a new CPU (which isn't cheap), and possibley other hardware. I'm pretty safe, since I build my own computers and I don't buy cheap, I damn near could be said to have over done it on cooling. My 500W power supply barely keeps everything going. So overclocking for me was pretty safe.

If your computer "slowed down" after installing those updates, you can try one thing that most people overlook... that is defragging your Hard Drive. Yes, you should look into upgrading your RAM as well, especially if your running at 128 or less. If all else fails I really would suggest re-installing Windows, and the only upgrade to get, would be IE6. Look at the description for the other updates... most of them all contain the same thing, talking about "We found a security hole, this patch should fix it". *raises the BullSh$t flag*. Most of those are garbage, kinda like Spyware patches... just one more way for Microsoft to claim control over your computer. I'd be almost willing to bet Bill Gates runs Linux, instead of his own garbage.

Well... there's tons and tons of solutions to slow problems, and I don't have the time to post even a sliver of them here. You can do those things we suggested and/or search around the internet for solutions yourself.

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01-02-2004, 04:57 PM
Originally posted by Hiddukel@Jan 2 2004, 06:02 AM
I'd be almost willing to bet Bill Gates runs Linux, instead of his own garbage.
Maybe not BG, but Microsoft did in fact rely on GNU/LINUX to protect their servers for a few Months.

Also, for a long while Hotmail was run on FreeBSD.