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11-25-2002, 03:45 AM
F.Y.I. just to let everyone know about A small problem with Music Match 7.2

The actual latest version of Music Match Jukebox is 7.5 and it works pretty well all execpt for one thing, if you like to do straight disc-to-disc copies of something that you have burned on M.M.J.B. 7.5 you can't. You have to re record the disc into the player and then burn it off. It's not A big problem but it does slow things down A bit, and can be a pain. The 7.2 version had other problems as well as this one and was not very good at all (I think that is why it didn't last very long). The 7.1 version worked very well, it allowed you to copy your discs and was very relaible the only difference that I have found is that the 7.1 version was not compatable with some of today's faster burners, and the 7.5 version is.

In my opinion if you are using A newer-faster CD burner and don't mind not being able to do straight disc-to-disc copies wait for the next upgrade and then grab the 7.5 version, but in the mean time stick with the 7.1 version and don't even bother with the 7.2 version when it becomes available.