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05-31-2005, 05:28 AM
I remember one of the key versions of ultraedit before version 8 loaded much faster, and I don't remember being able to tell much difference between the versions. Any posts of it would be appreciated.

05-31-2005, 05:31 AM
Program Name: Ultraedit/Ultraedit-32
Website: http://www.ultaedit.com
Current version: v11.1a
Desired versions: anything before v8
Description: UltraEdit-32. UltraEdit-32 is a disk-based editor for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/2003 and XP (not Win32s). UltraEdit-32 supports 64-bit file handling (standard) on all 32-bit Windows platforms. (from ultraedit.com)