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06-10-2005, 02:29 AM
Program Name: NTI DriveBackup! v3.0.61
Website: http://www.ntius.com
Current version: NTI Drive Backup! 4.0 v4.0.20
Desired versions: v3.0.61

DriveBackup! is a backup program for use with your CD and DVD writers
internal and external hard disks; and other backup devices such as
Zip, Jaz, MO, and even USB pen drives. It is a powerful, yet simple,
program to effortlessly create backups of your crucial data to your
chosen backup media, without requiring the hours of learning that
other backup solutions usually entail. DriveBackup!s intuitive user
interface is comprised of three main wizards. One wizard guides you
through the process of creating an Emergency Recovery Disc for your
computer system. The other two wizards assist you in backing up or
restoring your hard drive/partition data to or from your backup
device. Now, DriveBackup! Version 3.0 adds DVD-RAM, DVD -R, DVD -RW,
DVD+R, DVD+RW, local and network hard drives, Jaz and Zip drives to
the list of supported output devices providing even more flexibility
and power to meet your backup needs.