View Full Version : Webtrends Reporting Center 5.0a

02-04-2003, 09:51 AM
Tsrh has released a cracked dll for version 5.0a, witch nobody has (it's old).

Since no group has released a crack for newest versions, i'm trying to find the app (trial), version 5.0a. As you guys have knowledge than me, maybe you can tell me a place to search for old apps (is this case, search for an old trial). I've searched in the following places:

- google
- filemirrors.com (found new versions only)
- webattack.com
- andr.net, astalavista, crack.ru, cracks.am (just found the crack, but i need the appz itself).
- napalm ftp indexer http://search.ftphost.net/indexer/home.htm
- mydownloader.com (maybe i could find it in a bot, but no sucess)
- packenews.com
- emule, edonkey, kazaa, shareazaa

Since i dont know any other place to look for, i'm asking for tips =). This app is VERY usefull (mega usefull)

This is a request for help, just that =)

Thank you.