View Full Version : Anyone aware of XDrive?

OldVersion.com Admin
11-19-2006, 06:28 AM
Ad up top sometime for it, it's a company owned by AOL and it seems to be a pretty decent service from the advertising portrayed. I have no personal experience with it, although I think someone may have sent me a program using it and I got a little confused on how to sign up :(

That might have been my insomnia at work though ;), really tired from watching movies and not doing enough home and work.. Ahh it's 6:26am - went out for a nice little jog / sprint at 5am. I "Snaked" out of my house on 89 hours of math. Like, a slithering animal walking to the surface for a breath. I am curious, does it pay to do work in the cold? Winter is acoming.

I love how AOL submitted anonymous private data, I thought it was a hilarious move on their part. A lot of critisicm revolves around it, but if no one can be personally identified - then who really cares? I'll be the first to admit I searched for "how to get rid of depression" and "how to get motivation," probably with a lot of sick stuff in between. Anyone else?