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11-26-2006, 12:19 AM
Hi all......
After searching all over the web for an answer to my MMJB problem, (Program wouldn't start and then failing to reinstall or uninstall with a runtime error), I finally found the solution to the problem. I saw some posts here concerning the same issue and like me some people are very attached to their older version of MMJB. ;)
Anyway........I found the answer on some IE7/Microsoft forums. The problem is a conflict with IE7. The solution is to uninstall IE7 which can be done via control panel, add or remove programs. Keep in mind that windows update will try to push the IE7 update on you again, so you'll need to choose not to install that part of the critical updates if you want to keep your old version of MMJB working. Hopefully Microsoft will figure out a workaround for this issue soon. I doubt that Yahoo/MusicMatch cares to provide a fix for an older version of the program.......matter of fact, it did go all to h_** after yahoo bought it anyway, didn't it? :(

I'm listening to music via MMJB v. 7.5 right now!:D

12-07-2006, 05:49 PM
wow, I found the answer here after searching for days! Version 7 stopped working, wouldn't uninstall, wouldn't reinstall and 10 wouldn't work either. However, I think I'd rather keep IE7 instead of MMJB now that Yahoo has messed it up. YOu can't talk to them anyway, there are no real people there. ;-)
Tim T