View Full Version : Juno folder conversions

12-18-2006, 05:38 PM
Hello, I would like to upgrade from Juno 4.0 to Juno 5.0. However, when I install 5.0 over the top of my existing 4.0, none of the old e-mail folders (*.frm) are converted into the 5.0 format (*.bdb). When I try the "Import folder" function on 5.0 and point to a copy of the old USER0001 directory from 4.0, it does not "see" any folders at all. When I try to get a straight answer out of Juno tech "support", they will only tell me to try the two things I just mentioned, or to simply copy the old USER0001 folder over to the one generated by 5.0 upon installation. Of course, the latter advice is complete nonsense because the formats of the folders are different. Is there an older build of 5.0 that I need to get my hands on that will do the conversion?

Frustrated in Davis