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03-16-2007, 06:08 PM

HijackThis: A general homepage hijackers detector and remover. Initially based on the article Hijacked!, but expanded with a lot of other checks against hijacker tricks. It is continually updated to detect and remove new hijacks. It does not target specific programs/URLs, just the methods used by hijackers to force you onto their sites.

I sold HijackThis [...] TrendMicro (who have also taken care of my CWShredder) so they can give it proper attention and support. Where they will take HijackThis, I do not know - but I am sure they will respect its goals and what it stands for.

Latest non-beta version is v1.99. Available on many sites (for the time being), including on http://www.majorgeeks.com/download3155.html .

Should be on oldversion.com before it's too late.

03-16-2007, 06:16 PM
You can still get version 1.99 straight from the author:


03-16-2007, 09:20 PM
Well, I think it would better fit on Last Freeware Version ( http://321download.com/LastFreeware/ ) ... but it can't hurt to have it here too I suppose.

03-17-2007, 09:09 AM
It's not payware (yet), so there is no "last free version" of the program.

Version 2 makes my AV program (AVG AntiVirus) launch a warning, so the old version (1.99) should be on this site.

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03-19-2007, 04:05 AM
The lastest of hijackthis is on this link http://www.freewebs.com/yahoo_answer_support/ but then you can also check company website too

03-19-2007, 07:28 AM
Well technically this is not the latest, this is the last which was made by its original author (1.99.1).