View Full Version : Anybody have "XDrive Desktop" older than 5.1 ?

11-23-2007, 10:19 PM
Man, my eyes are going bad. Spent a long time looking for the "start thread" button.


I want to use XDrive (free 5Gigs) to backup my stuff.
They have a free application called "Xdrive Desktop" that'll help me upload/download.
But, the version they have doesn't support my Windows98 - it aborts on startup. It apparently uses functions in Shell32.dll that are only in Shell32.dll supplied with WinMe and newer. So, I'm looking for an older version of "Xdrive Desktop".

Program Name: "XDrive Desktop"
Website: http://www.xdrive.com/downloads/
Current version: 5.1 ( installer is XdriveSetup_158.exe )
Desired versions: V4 or older?
Description: desktop applet to upload/download into xdrive.

I really miss the days of the old xdrive.