View Full Version : 4 Needed/Wanted TextTwist (Palm) From Astraware versions.

04-03-2008, 05:53 PM
I'm on a rampage to collect 6 diff. Astraware Palm titles and all their older versions from initial release to the current.

So far I've gotten all but FOUR TextTwist Palm Versions

These Needed Versions are

1.13 May 9, 2002

* Fixed 'No Six Letter' problem! Thanks to Danny Epstein for the help
* Change to code system to reduce cheating.

1.10 Apr 12, 2002

* Added support for new machines (m125, m130, m515, Treo 180, Clie T415, T615, NR70/V)
* Support for entering letters via an external or built-in keyboard!
* Updated graphics routines - speed increases under some circumstances
* Updated dictionary to match the new GameHouse word set

1.05 Mar 5, 2002

* Fix for a bug which prevented leaving the game and returning
* Support for keyboard added! Now you can enter the letters by keyboard!

1.02 Feb 20, 2002

* Revised with new library routines to have better support for latest devices.
* Fixed bug that sometimes caused a puzzle without a six letter word to be displayed

I've Scoured the Net for these but they seem to be MIA or in other words Missing In Action. :/

Needs to be Non-Cracked and Non-Patched - just the regular Download shareware Versions.

site: http://www.astraware.com
DirectUrl to Recent Product: http://www.astraware.com/palm/texttwist

Desc. Short:

TextTwist by Astraware is a ported and licenced version of TextTwist from Gamehouse(gamehouse.com) Games.

One can email an attachment directly to me @ palmonezire31fanatic@yahoo.com (it's my spammy email and main email addr.)