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03-22-2003, 07:31 AM
:P I came across your site a few months ago by accident, I didn't think of it till today but I've been hunting for Real player to play .rm vids I have and I absolutly REFUSE to put that POS one player in my pc. It's bad enough to be dealing with anything Real to begin with.
I can't believe I couldn't find one of the million and a half AOL CD's I've been spammed with in the past 7 years LMAO!!

Gawd, imagaine how many CD they must have spammed the hell out of the poor unsuspecting public with in that amount of time...... /suprised there isn't a CD mountain somewhere.....:ph34r:

So I dropped by and . YAY!! Oldversion had a Real Player !!! Right on Guys!! and Gals! Thanks :D :D

Wonder if anyone knows/has the last of the updated for it laying around. A month or so back they pulled the plug on support, if you try to update it just says "a new vwrsion is available" and when it begins the download it says real 1 puke!!
*Thank the Lord for Men Like Steve Gibson, Real would probably still be spying on all of us, companys that do buisness like that shouldn't be allowed to remaun in buissness...... :angry: