View Full Version : My 'old Versions'

07-08-2003, 08:45 PM
Hiya all, just an debut / introductory about some of the programs on Oldversion.com

1) Quicktime : I wanted less bloat, so thanks to Oldversion for v3 of QT.

2) Powerarchiver : I've sworn by this zip/unzip untility for three years and used a v6 of Powerarc until I discovered Oldversion. At some point in year 2001, it became shareware so I stuck with the v6.x I had. After discovering that v7 (the last freeware) was available on Oldversion, I downloaded that. So again, thanks to Oldversion.

A more obscure freeware called E-Icons (http://www.deepgls.com/eicons) became shareware shortly after I downloaded the last freeware version. This handy little program changes the start menu icons in Windows 95 and 98. You can draw your own icons in Paintshop Pro, then swap them out using E-Icons. If anyone wants the freeware version, I'll send it out!