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07-09-2003, 04:00 AM
Looking for a program to help you download streaming audio (wma, rm, ram, mp3 etc) as well as other file types (zip, html, exe etc etc etc)

Send me an e-mail, and I'll point you in the right direction.


07-09-2003, 05:10 PM
Just rem also, NOT all rm files will be possible to download. just because it is a streaming file. does not mean it actually exists in a container which is on the server.
i used to stream a web show. you could have tried and tried to save/download it, all ya would get is what I am streaming per minute, since the actual content does not exist. Since it was a live show.
most rm files do exist in a RA format. and then are re compressed into a stream.
but if the content is live. you will only be saving as it flows it, which would be the same thing if you setup sound recorder to record it.

the reason most stream content is because you have permission to listen to the casting, just not retain it, that would be a violation of their policy. ( that would be why it has become illegal to use in some places and has been removed from this board)

Just staying this, so if people try to get some RM content and the file fails, and can only record it as it flows it, they will understand that the content does not yet exist in a form that is downloadable.

with the quality of RM files, i could not see why anyone would want to keep it.

07-10-2003, 07:05 AM
In my case, I live on a small island in Auckland's Harbour (New Zealand) and we can't get ADSL etc here. Therefore our fastest connection speeds are around 48k. I listen to a radio station in Australia, but if I stream it, I wait for "Net Congestion" every 4 seconds, and then listen to 2 seconds of sound, and then wait again.

This way, I can download it, listen to it, and then delete it without waiting for the "buffering" etc


08-21-2003, 08:30 PM
There is a program called Total Recorder available from which records any sound that goes through your soundcard.

Make sure you turn off any system sounds before making a recording though!

It worked wonders for me.

Hopefully this will help you too.