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07-15-2003, 12:37 AM
yeah, i have the 98 data stuff on a "back-up" disk, but when i try to install through windows, its says its a older version, and i need to uninstall windows! has anyone got a way to do this?? (help me, M.E is very bad)

07-15-2003, 10:48 PM
if you have a FULL version of windows 98 on cd, and you wish to replace, overwrite the present version of ME. and leave NO traces of programs and or ME, then do this. if you only a win98 UPGRADE edition, you must have a copy of win95 for verfication - it DOES not need to be installed prior to installing 98, it will just ask for the cd to verifity it is a compliant verison of windows. if you have the FULL version, then you need not worry about it.

make a bootdisk, verify that the bootdisk contains these 2 files

shutdown computer, insert bootdisk, turn on computer.
when asked if you want to load with CDrom support, click yes or enter
after a bunch of messages you will be left with a
then type, without the quotes
"format c:"

this will remove all traces of windows ME from your system.
then after it is finished you can restart the computer with your CD copy of win98.

IF the cd is unable to boot, insert the floppy again, restart, click YES for cd-rom support, then at the a prompt type [assuming D is your cd rom drive letter]
"cd d:"

note no quotes are used, just here in example.
this will then begin the installation of win98 onto a completely empty hard drive. if you want to learn about installation options for installing windows, use the commandline switch, as so (no quotes)
"setup.exe /?"
this will display all the setup options for windows98