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    John Diver


    I have been looking for months for early versions of filetopia.
    I would really like some very early versions.
    If you find any earlier than 2.08e please post a reply here.
    I would be very grateful if anyone could help,
    Thanks a lot,

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    Super Moderator
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    May 2003


    how about Filetopia 2.07?
    click on the Downloading... If your download does not start automatically, Click here

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    John Diver


    Thanks a lot
    I really appreciate that.
    If you do find any earlier ones please post them here, I will check in just icnase you have.
    Thanks again!

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    Originally posted by John Diver @Sep 25 2003@ 09:00 AM
    I would really like some very early versions.
    I really really really hope this is early enough :blink:

    To Download
    Click on the link Filetopia 1.2f Date: 2000/01/04 21:38

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    John Diver


    That is very early, would be great if i could get it but i cant get it from that link.
    I tried but it doesnt seem to be working.
    Tried just entering the top level dir (ftp.externet.hu) but the ftp program is saying host not known.
    is there a mistake in the link or is the FTP down?
    Thanks a lot really appreciate it

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    John Diver


    OK got the file from the link, thanks locustfurnace
    Thank you VERY VERY much for getting this.
    I have been looking for so long, wish I had known about this site before..
    Thanks again

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    This is like picking a scab ! now its startn to bleed

    Beta 11/08/2001 ftopiab4.zip
    Most other servers have the date may 99

    File Size 630.59 KB
    Release Date May 10, 1999

    Description by publisher
    "consists of a Collection Manager coupled with a secure File Server and a
    secure Chat client. It uses strong cryptography along with a Public key
    mechanism to provide security both for the File Server and the Chat. It
    is very easy to use, its Getting Started Wizard will help novice users
    to start working with the program in minutes, automating all the
    configuration tasks. The Collection Manager lets you create lists of
    all your files, compare them with files from other users and only get
    those files new to your collection. The Chat client provides mechanisms
    to protect your identity and to prevent attacks from other users (so
    frequently seen on IRC). Filetopia complies with U.S. Export
    restrictions for crypto software as well as the Wasenaar Arrangement.

    Special requirements: None.

    Changes: This new beta version fixes over 20 bugs and issues found in
    Beta 3.

    ftopiab4.zip has replaced ftopiab3.zip.

    Freeware. Uploaded by the author.

    Francisco Garcia, Filetopia Inc.

    1.6K ftp://ftp.lczfr.krasnik.pl 20/03/2000 V1.40 ftopia.txt

    996.7K ftp://ftp.lczfr.krasnik.pl 20/03/2000 ftopia.zip V1.40

    Notes : ftopia.txt

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    John Diver


    Thank you VERY VERY much!
    Wow that is early!
    Didnt expect to get anything like this.
    I really really do appreciate your help!


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