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    Dont know about xp but usually in all versions of windows u can type <mplayer2> in the start/run box to get an earlier version loaded.
    Or create a shortcut to the file <mplayer2.exe> leave out the < >
    U can use the start/find files box to locate it.
    Search the forum for previous postings
    Go 2 Search link (Help Search Members Calendar) at top of O.V page & type in something like <windows and media and player> No < >
    Read any posts if no help try sum other search terms
    Get sum sleep

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    Originally posted by Awake@Oct 11 2003, 10:50 AM
    I downloaded an earlier version of WMP and tried to install it but it wouldint install, saying it is fully updated... im running on WINXP.
    but the thing is, is that i dont want to &#39;upgrade&#39; i want to &#39;degrade&#39;.
    can anyone help me out with this? or is it possible to bypass any of the issues?

    Thanks in Advance.
    you can not "degade" by installling software ontop of software. especially any microsoft product. That ofcourse is not permitted. after all, who wants to remove the newest and greatest.

    Have a look in your ADD/REMOVE panel. See if you can remove WMP from there. If yes, then remove, then install the version you want. If it is not in there, then in the Add/Remove, switch to the Windows Setup panel. and look through the listing, and see if you can unselect WMP from there.

    why are you want to remove WMP? If you dont like the size of the window that can be changed from the skins options, to make it look like the older version.

    AS Goslow pointed out. on some versions of Windows, if you installed a newer version of WMP, there will be the original version of WMP lingering about. But i suspect this might not be true with XP. Since XP most likely comes with WMP 7 or higher as default.
    But you can try checking and post back if you find it.

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    I like WMP overall, but i upgraded to windows media 9 a while back, and its horrible... too many adds and the frame rate on it for some reason is extremley bad. I tried using FFDshow to alter it so it would perform better, but it just didint work. wmp 7 its a ME wmp, and 8 is a XP, yea it did come with mp2 BUT, i tried to change the priority of them, making v2 the main wmp, but it just got really mixed up. :blink: i can tolerate 8 i geuss just as long as v9 doesent haunt me again.. curse that version to hell h34r: thx guys

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    Microsoft warns you that you can NOT uninstall the 9.x upgrade. The best you can do is use system restore and go back to the time before you installed 9.x...

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    Originally posted by peoriafreak@Oct 15 2003, 04:27 AM
    Microsoft warns you that you can NOT uninstall the 9.x upgrade. The best you can do is use system restore and go back to the time before you installed 9.x...
    and Microsoft also testified in a court of law that their Internet Explorer could not be removed from the OS.
    yes there are tools out there such as 98lite and IEradicator which do remove IE from a system.
    Today, maybe you can not uninstall WMP9, but its possible eventually someone will write an app that can remove WMP.
    But your correct, the best thing is to backup before installing and upgrading Microsoft programs.

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    Forget Windows Media Player &#33; Check this thread

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    You can uninstall WMP 8 and 9 from XP.

    In response to all of these threads:

    The stock Windows Media Player in XP (WMP8) cannot be uninstalled. It is integrated
    to the system, which I assume the first person posting was trying to do. But there
    is a way around this.

    First of all, if you would prefer to just use the classic windows media player 6.4,
    it is already installed in Windows XP along with WMP8. You can simply open the WMP8
    options and uncheck all the associations with media files. Then after closing it,
    you can open 6.4 and recheck which file associations you would like to use in it.
    All icons double-clicked will open in 6.4 and you have to worry about 8 again unless
    you manually open WMP8, in which case it will automatically reassociate the extentions
    again. Otherwise, all you have to deal with are quite a few other WMP XP integrations
    that you cannot get rid of.

    If you would like to get rid of it completely, in association to the other threads
    about WMP9, you can download and install WMP9 for Windows XP, then after restarting,
    you can use the command previously posted:

    RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %SystemRoot%&#092;inf&#092;wmp.inf,Uninstall

    Make sure you associate the extensions first to let windows determine the default
    media player as 6.4. Then when the uninstall takes place, it will rollback to 6.4
    instead of 8, and both 8 and 9 will dissappear. WMP 6.4 becomes the default XP media

    Thanks to all others who posted, especially the uninstall string from Microsoft Support,
    for helping everyone out with this.
    Taken from here.

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    How do I return to 7.0 etc version when xp will only load 9.0 ?

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    I hadn&#39;t found this forum when I was trying to get rid of WMP9, but I did find a program from litepc.com that removed it. The only problem I&#39;ve still got is trying to find the wmv1 codec so I can change wmv&#39;s to avi&#39;s. I&#39;m definitely going to copy out the code above. Can&#39;t seem to play wmv1, wmv2, or wmv3, despite getting the 6.4 codecs from M&#036;. Maybe there&#39;s code sitting quietly in the background?

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    Im running 98 and I have WMP9 and i love it.....

    It doesnt have that stupid COPY PROTECTION in it,etc........

    I havent heard of a 9 beta,there is a Version 10 Beta,thats probably what you mean my friend.....Its not very good from what i hear.

    But WMP 9 is the last update for 98se and its fine with me..

    I tried installing WMP10 and it said i needed XP (hehehe,if i could disguise my OS to look like XP to programs,maybe i could DL it then,but it sounds like i wouldnt wanna anyways,so......)

    Good Luck Dude&#33;&#33;&#33;


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