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Thread: Ace Ftp

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    Have just uninstalled my copy of Ace ftp Pro......don't know which version.....and installed Ace ftp pro3, which keeps crashing. And I can't find an earlier version. Can anyone help please?

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    Well dont be shy take your pick but be careful not to slip & click the wrong link
    1.97 MB 2001-06-04 aceftp20.exe
    1.97 MB 2001-07-22 aceftp201.exe
    2.04 MB 2002-01-10 aceftp2030.exe
    2.03 MB 2002-01-21 aceftp2040.exe
    2.03 MB 2002-01-21 aceftp2040free.exe
    1.96 MB 2002-02-17 aceftp2050.exe
    1.97 MB 2002-02-17 aceftp2050free.exe
    1.79 MB 2002-04-07 aceftp2060.exe
    1.81 MB 2002-04-07 aceftp2060free.exe
    1.80 MB 2002-04-10 aceftp2061.exe
    1.83 MB 2002-04-10 aceftp2061free.exe
    1.7M 18/04/2002
    1.9M 18/06/2002
    1.89 MB 2002-06-24 aceFTP207free.exe
    1.9M 17/07/2002 aceftp2free-tucows.exe
    1.89 MB 2003-01-09 AceFTP.exe
    1.89 MB 2003-02-02 aceftp2free.exe
    2.30 MB 2003-05-27 aceftp3free.exe

    Links functional but have not been tested for exact file/version (click on link oar :) right click save target as) some servers require patience to connect !

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    Whoa, goslow, thank-you. how did you find them? I searched google for hours and the links either took me back to visicom who produces ace and only keeps the latest version or to sites that wouldn't load. :lol:

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    Your welcome
    however if you had already visted the <softwares homepage> you should have posted the address & current version/filename.
    These are clues to finding an o.v. & will assit anyone doing the searching for you.
    Searching can be thought of as similar* to an Xbox game in which you go through various rooms pushing buttons & opening doors looking for clues to proceed further.
    Other sites you visted probably also contained clues, be it ,a release date,description,filename,O.S., of the file you seek which could help you in your search or post a request for a particular version or file that others may continue.
    I also probably started at google (h34r: or more likely google watch h34r & went onto google advanced or any other search engine until I had a result(s) which is hopefully useful to you & since it was a broad search others that may search the forum.

    p.s. joining forum & seeing results & learning from other members proved to me that files exist & can be found also I dont have an Xbox

    Thats the Goslow way I know, others maybe able to Rushin.

    * Caution: file searching is not a game uncontrolled visiting sites/clicking/downloading files can be hazardous.

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    Originally posted by Goslow@Oct 30 2003, 08:30 AM
    Caution: file searching is not a game uncontrolled visiting sites/clicking/downloading files can be hazardous.
    thats why it is a good thing to backup your system, and keep a few copies of the backup, and at the very least, keep a registry backup, OFF the computer, backups don&#39;t do you any good if they are left on the system.

    using a disk imaging app, you can quickly recovery your system, if you install software that does not work well or messes up your system, back to a working state in minutes.
    I use partimage, from http://partimage.org to image my disks, then i download requested apps from those seeking them, install the apps, and after a month, i just restore my system back to a clean state. ready to download and test out other apps. it takes me about 3 minutes to recover my whole Windows system.

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    some fun with Google. here are a few variances on the Google search engine which, if you got some time to kill and nothing to do, mess with this versions of google.

    Elmer Fudd Google
    Klingon Google
    Pig Latin Google
    Hacker Google
    Uncle Same Google
    Macintosh Google
    Linux Google
    BSD Google
    Microsoft Google
    Froogle Google

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    Lol, I only understood about half of that, Goslow. I did go to heaps of sites that google listed, but they all led back to Visicom, and Visicom only had the latest version there.
    And I would have posted which version I was looking for except I&#39;d deleted it and only knew that the current version crashed my comp.
    Anyways thank-you for your help. I really appreciate it and found a version that works on my comp.

    A bit of fun for you&#39;all: My Webpage (Googlism.com will find out what Google.com thinks of you, your friends or anything&#33; Search for your name here.)

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    for &#39;goslow&#39; Googlism found:

    goslow is a simple
    goslow is in bio
    goslow is mathcounts 2001 coordinator for the san mateo county contest
    goslow is a registered multi
    goslow is a leading authority on neural control of locomotion in vertebrate animals
    goslow is still in debt for all the food
    goslow is an engineering consultant in mechanical
    goslow is also known as the wormtown minister of culture
    goslow is hurt
    goslow is the most dignified pervert i&#39;ve ever met

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    Originally posted by shytilwet@Nov 1 2003, 11:25 AM
    found a version that works on my comp.
    Thats good to know
    I also see you understood the important part of my post and joined the forum where you can learn & contribute as a "paid up member" welcome I&#39;m sure you will find the entry fee (1 email address) extremely good value,as for the other half, it has been pointed out to me (another advantage of being a member & one to be ignored at peril) and is something I am working on.
    I to receive replies which I would be happy to understand half of &#33;
    look at more seaching tips ahla locustfurnace just be careful about clicking on the link find all posts for this member
    click here instead > safer ;)

    When searching searchers google will often rate 77% but its ordering of results leaves something to be desired :)
    Search Shyt&#39;w click here > :-X ;)

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    It&#39;s shy here.....lol, and I wish I knew what you were talking about, Mr.goslow. Wtf is http://www.google-watch.org/gifs/clippy.gif? LOL.


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