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    One more vote for shareaza. No adware, covers 3 networks (but it gets slow when connecting to all 3).
    As usual, if you want to be comfy, you need some adjustments to the configuration, but it works right out of install.


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    Whatever you do, NEVER download iMesh off of this site... comes with a bajillion little spyware/adware buddies.

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    Originally posted by AlexTheHobbit@Jan 11 2005, 03:58 AM
    Whatever you do, NEVER download iMesh off of this site... comes with a bajillion little spyware/adware buddies.
    its NOT this site buddy, if imesh has spyware it has it wherever you download it from, common knowledge should let you know that a large majority of p2p apps contain spyware adware or some kind of rubbish , that is why most reccomend filesharers visit a dedicated filesharing site such as www.p2pzone.com where they have all the experience and knowledge of these programs

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    Great forum and site guys! As far as p2p's go they all have +'s and -'s. I have useded them all. Each program needs to be tweaked. Dont assume that default settings are best. I use Limewire Pro which contains no adware and has a feature that checks a file before download to determine if file is corrupt. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    which is better limewire or kazza

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    has to be limewire cuz kazaa aint allowed here no more thank ...., kazaa is like a bust sewer pipe, ie good for nothing and just spewing out all the time.

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    bit torrents r simply the best

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    considering the amount of illegal activity on filesharing networks such as porn images of children constant sharing of copyrighted works such as music cds and new release video titles i do not really believe there is such a thing as a good filesharing network personally i believe networks that carry porn images of children and teens are a pretty sick thing to be a part of and raises the question of what type of people filesharers are ok not all download these and i would not say all filesharers are the same but from a personal point of view i would not want people thinking i was a part of that type of thing in any way as well as that if filesharing was stopped then the artists would earn more from sales and ultimately in the end slow the speed of price increases a little for those of us that are honest and buy the things we want instead of sponging them from the www remember this when the RIAA come round for tea one night

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    off topic


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