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    Originally posted by The Dude@Mar 31 2005, 05:19 AM
    Why not try Mammoth,its a very good P2P program......

    Good Luck
    you can always rely on THE DUD

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    www.shareaza.com has Gnutella1, gnutella2, bittorrent and edonkey protocols. No spyware, no ads, no bulls**t. Oh, and so are all the old versions. If you don't like it you can download the source and tweak it yourself even. Mine won't let anyone download .wma files, get an mp3 dang it!

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    -Bittorent for movies, tv shows, etc, because it is generally faster than other p2p programs. Private trackers are especially fast. Unfortunately, the music selection is extremely thin.

    -Soulseek is the best for music. It's a relatively small network, but they have lots of rare files. It also has a "wishlist" feature, which will continually search for a file everytime you log on.

    -Direct Connect if I can't find something on Bittorrent or Soulseek. I don't like the GUI, but they do have a lot of rare files.

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    they suck.. irc is better

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    minor star*


    and im wrapped about that too

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    Originally posted by minor star*@May 21 2005, 09:10 AM
    and im wrapped about that too
    petty bunch aint ya from a non p2p view they all suck why haggle with each other one mans meat is another mans poison but all p2p is poison to the music industry and film industry yet used properly it is a fantastic resource,just a shame that people seem to thrive on the illegal aspect of such programs.

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    Yeah, like how Napster got so popular!

    But now the only P2P program is WinMX, and there isn't enough content.

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    Default Mirc Is The Best Program

    mirc is the best mirc is a chat client that you can download stuff from
    you can search for files at packetnews.com u will have to
    configure a couple of things in the options first
    mirc is much better than all the crappy programs here
    the only other one i use is bittorrent (bitornado)
    all the others are a waste of space !!!
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    Default Lol

    Why Am I Replying To Threads 3 Years Old Lol


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