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    I have Pacbell and am wondering if I've downloaded something that affects my online access. I use Kazaa quite often and lately, my internet connection takes FOREVER to work. The computer doesn't crash, so i'm pretty sure it's not blaster...

    any ideas?

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    Well, using Kazaa to get files is a good way to get you infected with alot of spyware, virii and any number of goodies.
    if your computer has alot of spyware, it could be using your connection to phone home. So while it is phoning home, it is using your bandwidth. the more apps ya got doing this, the less bandwidth you get for useful things. the slower your connection.
    the best and surest way to get infected with these nastys and other nastys like it, is to use kazza and the likes. As not all who share files want whats best for you. P2P has become a new way to release newly coded virii into the wild, with a wider eager "customer" base than before. It now also becomes more difficult to track down the creators of such files, due to the nature of the p2p structure.
    You will need to run virii scanners on your system, adware and spyware scanners, anti-trojan software.
    Just because you do not have the Blaster worm, does not mean your not infected with possibly other worms, trojans, virii or spyware.


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