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    Ever since I installed MSIE 6 SP1 on a Windows 2000 machine perviously running MSIE 5, I've noticed that when I re-start Windows 2000, the explorer-windows that were previously opened do not get reopened like they did under MSIE 5.

    The machine I'm using currently has Win2K (SP4), but it still has MSIE 5. I am thinking about upgrading to MSIE 6 SP1, but if I do, I'll miss having my explorer-windows re-open. I find this functionality useful as it helps me remember the things that need to be worked on in some way or another after I re-boot.

    Is there any way to return this functionality under MSIE 6? If not, I'll consider installing MSIE 5.5 SP2 (which I found thanks to this great site), but that is about to come to the end of it's 'extended support' period.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I had always considered, remembering the open windows when shut down, and re-opening when i restarted Windows, annoying. I like the option; under KDE, to either rem all open windows and resume, or forget them and start with a clean desktop next time i login. I get presented with this option when i am logging out. Windows should have this, it should not be, all remembered or all forgotten all the time.
    Are you logging into the system when the computer starts?
    I am not currently infront of a Windows box, so cant examine the problem at this time, but i will check into it shortly and update this posting.

    after some looking around i have learned that this "feature" no longer works with IE6. You may wish you go back to IE5.5 if this was important to you. It may have been changed in IE6 as a security fix, or might just be a bug in IE6.

    you spend alot of time in different folders, you could force windows to open whatever folder you prefer. go to the Windows Explorer shortcut. Right click on it, select propertys. and change the line that reads "TARGET" to something like
    C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER.EXE /n,/e,C:\Downloads
    the target folder being C:\Downloads, now everytime i open Windows Explorer, it will open C:\DOWNLOADS.
    you also make more Windows Explorer shortcuts, and select different targets.
    i created 1 for my CD-ROM drive. and gave it a new icon by using the icons packed in the cdplayer.exe. if the CD-ROM is on your D: drive. then under Windows Explorer propetys - TARGET use this line

    you can also open any folder you want, or drive from the the DOS prompt, just type
    explorer.exe d: or even start d:
    if you wanted to open the system folder, you can use
    explorer.exe system or start system, if you wanted to open the favorites folder you can type explorer.exe favorites or start favorites

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    found this tip which applies to XP, might only be a windows XP option, not tested though, but may work with you on W2K also.

    go to Tools, Folder Options click the View tab, scroll to end of the Advanced settings list, check Restore Previous Folder windows at logon


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