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Thread: Front Page 2000

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    I may be in the wrong place, but need help.....I have been making my web pages in Front Page 2000 Premium with no problems, but all of a sudden when I make a page, it won't save the Embedded files for the page...I am still running Windows 98 SE......Could someone give me any ideas of what could have gone wrong.....Help!!!!!

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    Can you give alittle more details such as, what error(s) are you receiving if any?
    Is the image your embedding a local image? or are you trying to link to an image from another website?
    Is the image, if local, used previously in the same structure? and already emebdded in another html page? and therefore already saved to the web folder, and you might be trying to overwrite the image when saving the new page?
    Are you just using the HTML editor or the whole Frontpage packge (with Reports, Navigation, Hyperlinks, Tasks options on the left handside of the screen?
    Are you building the site 1 page at a time, and saving them, via the editor, or through the navigational panels?

    are you looking at the html code to make sure when you place an image on the page, it is being added to the code?
    Does the HTML code looks like this?


    or more like this?


    As the first one will display locally when you go to view it, but once uplaoded to the server, it will not load the images. you will need to correct the path to the file

    When you go to save the file, and the Save Embedded Files dialog box pops up, asking what do you want to do are you changing anything? or just hitting enter?
    How are you serving the pages? from your own web server on a local computer? or from a hosting service?
    Does the hosting service if your using have FP extensions enabled?

    Did you install any other software from the last time it worked to this time when it no longer works?

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    I am not sure if I am doing this right..Hope so..I am trying to reply to the answer I got...As for the things I am putting on the page, they are pics. & gifs from my harddirve & they have not been used before.When i check the html they are there..My problem is...when i go to save the page, the ...dialog box won&#39;t open at all for me to change anything or save the embedded files...If it would open for me, I would have no problem...but, sinceI posted this, I found the files to the page, but they are in Front Page Dir. folder & I didn&#39;t put them there..I just always save all my files in the same place...Then I upload them to my geocites account..file manager..Been doing this on all my pages...I just need to find out why my dialog box to save the embedded files is not openinmg up for me to save.....Don&#39;t know what I have done different...Doing it just like always..Is there a setting in Front Page that could have messed up on this for the dialog box????Thanks for any help that I can get....I have not installed any other programs that would affect this program....Look at this page..It was the last one I did with Front Page & it turned out just fine.....
    Still confused here.....Thanks, Candy

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    Originally posted by guest_Candy+Dec 9 2003, 08:28 PM--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (guest_Candy @ Dec 9 2003, 08:28 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> As for the things I am putting on the page, they are pics. & gifs from my harddirve & they have not been used before.When i check the html they are there..[/b]
    If they are appearing the in HTML code, then they should work, and you should not have to worry much about the save dialog box displaying, as it seems they are saved in the code, which is what you want.
    @Dec 9 2003, 08:28 PM
    I found the files to the page, but they are in Front Page Dir. folder & I didn&#39;t put them there..[/quote] When you normally save the files and they are embedded, then they would be saved to the FP dir. It would seem that they are saving, even with out the proper dialog boxes being displayed.
    Sometimes, if you do not make a change to a file it will not permit saving again. Since no changes were made. You dont necessarily need to "embed" files into the page. as normally when you add an image you just add the image HTML code.
    Just upload one of the new pages your making, which you made while experiencing these failure to embed glitches, just to see if the pages are being created.
    If they work once all files are uploaded to Geocities, then the problem your facing is not a hindrance, you can continue on working. Most html editors do not "embed" images, they just add the proper tags.
    It is possible if the images were used before on a previously created page, there no longer is a need to embed the image as it already has been done once before.
    Since your not using the full features of FP2000, as i dont think Geocities supports FP extensions anyhow, I know tripod does support FP extensions, you might not want to load the full editing suite, just use the html editor. Which I do not know the name of the editor right off hand, will look and amend post.
    Sites which support FP extensions, make using Frontpage 2000 very easy, as you can create the pages and upload straight to the server, without the need for any additional steps, such as using the Geocities file manager.

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    Default Need help publishing from front page 2000

    When I tried to publish my web from front page 2000, it showed up on my website as just a set of folders and pages like the folder view on my computer. What did I do wrong? Do I need to add /public_html to the location address when I publish? Help if you can.

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    The first question is, does your host offer Frontpage 2000 extensions? Most do today.
    If you viewed these folders and pages via a web browser, you should really disable directory viewing on the web server. As it is viewed as a security risk.

    Make sure your main page is named index.html. As this is usually the file most web servers look for to display a main page, otherwise they end up showing just folders and files.

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    Default thenk

    thenk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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