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    Use an anonymous proxy (third party ip) ,Disabale all activeX, cookies and Javascript and never use your real ip when surfing kazaa, or any other sites for that matter if your worried about security. In "most" cases your real ip will be hidden. That is, If the proxy you are using is truly annoymous. You can use proxyjudges like this one hxxp://www.stilllistener.addr.com/checkpoint1/ to checkout your ip/proxy anonyminity details.

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    Kazaa Begone- the sure safest way, not to get a subpoena servered on you

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    Guest 2


    The 3.8 million downloading right now seem to disagree with you ;-)

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    With respect Guest 1, or should i say fed up. Do you happen to work for the RIAA? The reason i say this is, Every post in regards to Kazaa is negative.
    Like someone mentioned here earlier. The musicians do it for the love of the music.Even if they where paid $0 dollars they would still record. Because at the end of the day everybody want's to be famous. Just look at American idol if you can stomach it.

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    with all due respect freddyfitler, guest one does have a valid point, everyone has an opinion on different matters, i personally dont use p2p but then i have no need for such a program but im sure the younger generation think its great for cheap music, but nobody can deny the fact that people are being sued for using it. as far as you saying that they would still do it even if they were paid $0 is total rubbish, maybe people want to be famous but im afraid they wont do it for nothing,would you want to be making something and have it copied and lose a large percentage of your income. I doubt it. youve got to admire them really if they received all their revenue and piracy was stopped they could perhaps retire ten years earlier. you can understand them wanting the riaa to stamp it out.
    simply me

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    Gaffar, I'm not talking about real work. I'm talking about the music buisness. If you look in the top 40 from the last 10 years. How many of those sucked ---- or copped it in the arse from some slimy record producer to get to the top? If that's not selling your sole to be famous i don't know what is.

    My point is if they would go as far as to suck ---- or cop in the ---- for the purpose of fame..Then yes i do believe they would sing for free to get their mugs on mtv. Which would you prefer?

    No need to use language like this, if you want to talk and use obscenity, go somewhere else.

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    this has gone to long off-topic so its going to be closed now.


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