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    Sorry for this but since i'm not registered i can't edit my post.The development of K-Lite is not really stopped, just take a look here for the last updates : http://kppdate.kickme.to/

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    Wow, I didn't realize they started charging $ for Kazaa Lite. What a ripoff. Awhile ago I had downloaded klite from them (free).

    I have it on my computer, though, if it is ever needed.
    I've heard that WinMX, eMule, or BitTorrent are better alternatives anyway.

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    Yes it is shocking. But remember, it shouldn't be a complete surprise. Common sense tells us that a network that large and free would have to be cracked some day. Thats why I made sure I got it when i did. h34r:

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    Let it be a lesson. Always save every version of every programm to a cd. You might want to use it in the future.

    I do have a walk-in closet. Not for clothes. And believe me, a lot of cd's can be stored in a walk-in closet.

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    Sorry, but kazaa lite doesn't work anymore. It works a little bit, but its functionality declines everyday. Why? Because supernodes hosted by kazaa version 2.6 users automatically deny access to kazaa lite users.

    That is why sharman went to the trouble of shutting down the klite project. Now no workaround can be made to avoid this klite lockout.

    You may be wondering how you got to download a song with klite the other day if what i said is true. Well, that is because not all of the kazaa supernodes and kazaa users are using kazaa 2.6, so it is still possible to find some supernodes in order to find somebody to get a song from, especially when many people may have the song.

    However, if you are a klite user who is trying to get large, uncommon files through klite (like me, trying to download anime), it totally doesn't work. Things never download. Klite will find sources for me, but they can never connect. If they do, it is at very low bitrates.

    So what is a klite user to do? Well, kazaa 2.6 and DietK work very well, eliminating or deactivating all of kazaa's spyware. Dietk basically turns kazaa 2.6 into a new klite. Now that i switched to kazaa and dietk, i find many more anime files and they download alot faster.

    I wish i could still use klite, but all good things must come to an end.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOO I was wondering why my animes were downloadiung so slow. where can i get DietK? can someone tell me? AHhh i adored Klite so much, but now sharman network had tos hut it down (the bastards). K-lite was so useful, and had all the utilities.

    oh well, we must move on. (to DietK)

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    Kazaa Lite hasn't shut down!!!!!!!!! It's still fully running. And there is eaven a new realese Kazaa Lite 2.6 (Clean KMD).
    This realese ment to be a clean version of KMD 2.6, a lot of disturbing things have been deleted, like:

    Removed Spyware
    Removed Gain
    Removed Bullguard
    Removed Altnet
    Removed P2P Networking
    Removed Channels
    Removed Ads of Kazaa Plus, other ads (BetAndWin ecc...)
    Removed Unuseless links (Shop, tell a friend about Kazaa ecc...)
    Added Unlimited Search More
    Added Unlimited Search Tabs
    Instead of 900 Mb it's only 5 Mb

    I google you can't get any results, so please ask OldVersion.com to submit the new version of Kazaa Lite eaven if it's not an old one.
    Please help me doing it because if only I ask OldVersion maby they will not put it, so let's ask it all together like that we will help Kazaa Lite living.

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    i too have noticed problems with it. i had an old version, but wanted k++'s advantage of the 1000 participation. so i got k++ off kazaa. i noticed that it did slow down on this version. but today i got a 240mb or so file, in a about 4 or 5 hours on a 128k modem from New Zealand.

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    Kazaa Lite is not shut down, the developers can't make new versions of it.

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    the observer


    Originally posted by TheBulbasaurfreak@Jan 10 2004, 12:37 PM
    Kazaa Lite is not shut down, the developers can't make new versions of it.
    this had already been stated at the start of this post please read before you post a worthless repeat,


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