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    Quote Originally Posted by timmyk465 View Post
    I get the same error. Regardless of what old version I attempt to install or how/where I download it freezes at the end and I recieve that error when I force quit it. I am running windows xp sp2 media center addition. I think it has something to do with the RPC fixes in service pak 2?
    Have you installed IE7. If so uninstall it and go back to IE6. That should solve your problem.
    Seems to be a problem with IE7. I'm using 7.5 "Best version ever".

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    Default reunited with 7.5

    Thanks to "bb28" I was able to uninstall ie7 and upon reboot there was musicmatch 7.5. It was a very stressful past week. Now my only problem is that i cannot find my reg. key to get back to plus, is there anyone out there that can help?

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    Default Key Retrieval


    go there for any support with Musicmatch

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks to those who addressed the problem with Installing any type of MusicMatch Jukebox and receiving the error ... "The remote procedure call failed"

    After uninstalling IE 7 and disabling Spybot's "Use in resident IE sessions" which was blocking stuff through Firefox too I think, I was able to install MM. I will give version 7.5 a whirl.

    Just wanted to say thanks. This is the first forum I have ever used to work for me.

    To leave something (not my own):

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    your welcome, thats a good point ,most likely was the spybot (Use in resident IE sessions) i use spybot quite often but never use that feature,i only use it as a spyware scanner.
    simply me

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike98tx View Post
    Here is where you can find the shareware version of 7.5 I had to do alot of searching but finally located a link that didnt send you to download 8.0.



    I tried it today, Feb 25th, 2007 and the link they give to 7.5 is a non-starter.

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    I found a link to what I believe is version 7.5.

    Remember that links don’t last forever.


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    I found some softwares can help you at http://www.oursdownload.com/audio-mp3/jukeboxes.html

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    Default Got Musicmatch 9.00.51

    I have it. Don't know how to post it on the site, but I can get it to you.

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