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    Hey all i have problems with kazaa. Ages ago i downloaded the newest kazaa program out there. I had problems from the start, i didnt actually get a chance to use it. As soon as i started it up it displayed EVERY file on my computer in shared areas, so it took about 10 minutes to load all my files onto kazaa making my whole computer run slowly and keep crashing, i coudnt do anything. So i uninstalled that and have tried many different p2p programs since, shareaza, morpheus, napster, and a lot more, most of them didnt have what i wanted.

    Anyway the other day a friend recommended kazaa lite, i didnt know what it was (and am surprised now seeing as it is very well known) so i wnated to try it. UNfortunately i couldnt dowload it from anywhere until i found oldversion [great site by the way]. So i just downloaded it and the same thing happened, its displaying every file on my computer :angry: . This is very annoying and i really need this to work as no adware etc sounds very inviting.

    Has anyone had this problem before and knows how to fix it?

    Is it a really simple option i dont know about?

    Please reply i need your help, thanx


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    Try The Menu / "HELP"
    Search for "My Shared Folder" Settings
    You're probably sharing everything on your computer
    Please Take The "TIME TO READ" Every section

    I had the " 1 Users Online..." Problem for Three Weeks
    Before I tried the "HELP"

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    Hey, I tkink (but I&#39;m not sure) that you got to go in to Options<Kazaa Lite K++ Options<Sharing<Add Other Folders and there you just select your shared folder or whatever you want to share, and unselect all the other folders. Bye, I hope my help would be useful

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    Default nero 6 serial numbers i need

    plz help me some body

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    to offer serial keys is illegal and not allowed here at oldversion.if you do not want to or cannot buy nero then search the forums here and you will find many freeware alternatives already listed in various threads.
    simply me


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