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    If Anyone is searching for older versions of Sonique here are links to many old versions.
    Sonique 1.96 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.96.exe
    Sonique 1.95 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.95.exe
    Soniuqe 1.909 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.909.exe
    Sonique 1.90 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.90.exe
    Sonique 1.808a http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.808a.exe
    Sonique 1.808 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.808.exe
    Sonique 1.6.4 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.6.4.exe
    Sonique 1.6.3 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.6.3.exe
    Sonique 1.6.0 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.6.0.exe
    Sonique 1.51.0 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.51.0.exe
    Sonique 1.50.8 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.50.8.exe
    Sonique 1.50.7 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.50.7.exe
    Sonique 1.30.3 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.30.3.exe
    Sonique 1.20.3 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.20.3.exe
    Sonique 1.05.3 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.05.3.exe
    Sonique 1.00.3 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-1.00.3.exe
    Sonique 0.97 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-0.97.exe
    Sonique 0.95c http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-0.95c.exe
    Sonique 0.92b http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-0.92b.exe
    Sonique 0.90d http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-0.90d.exe
    Sonique 0.75.b http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-0.75.b.exe
    Sonique 0.62 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-0.62.exe
    Sonique 0.60 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-0.60.exe
    Sonique 0.55 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-0.55.exe
    Sonique 0.49j http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-0.49j.exe
    Sonique 0.40 http://www.glop.org/sonique/files/sonique-0.40.exe

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    Moved it to Requests even though it is not a request, will serve better here for those who may search the forum for older versions of this app.

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    Originally posted by locustfurnace@Jan 13 2004, 04:57 PM
    will server better here for those who may search the forum for older versions of this app.
    That doesn't make sense. :huh:

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    typo: extra r on the 'serve'.


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