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    i think kazaa has been resetting my internet explorer home page on purpose cause i get this thing that wants me to download a ad remover (wich costs money) but that really doesnt make any sense since if you remove the ads in kazaa it will not work im soooo confused

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    It may not be KAZAA thats doing this, it maybe be your infected already with some spyware, hi-jacker.
    check this site for spywareguard, http://www.wilderssecurity.net/spywareguard.html
    and also check the forum's pinned topic for other spyware, hi-jacking protection titles.

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    i had the same problem a while back, every time i logged off the net and then back on it changed my home page to mysearchnow, it very near drove me mad trying to stop it, i seem to think it happened when i downloaded something, but then the kids use this pc as well so it could of been anything, spybot search and destroy sorted it though, no problems since,
    simply me

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    cha, i hate the new kazaa it always freezes, thanks to old version.com, im grateful that it works..geez, did that sound like a commercial or what..

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    I have not been having that problem, as a matter of fact, KazaA and IMesh are great programs, that I enjoy using, however, lately, I have noticed, if I am trying to get a new song, recently released, from either, it will download completely, then when I play it, it will play for maybe 20 seconds into the song, then start making this horrible scribble noise. Can anyone let me know what that could possibly be? Are those songs encrypted some sort of way? Can I correct that once I have downloaded that songs, or several others of the same song?

    Thank, like the site! h34r:

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    I think the new kazaa is geared for XP and thus wont run good on 98,im not sure.....

    But anyways,RUN SPYBOT and clean off all your old spyware things,then CHANGE YOU HOMEPAGE BACK AND LOCK IT......

    Good luck,

    The Dude

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    Originally posted by AquaHarmony@Jan 2 2004, 08:53 AM
    then when I play it, it will play for maybe 20 seconds into the song, then start making this horrible scribble noise.
    It is possible it could be a couple things, 1, being a bomb planted by the RIAA and like. Bomb being dud, worthless.
    2. could be cooked and you will ned to uncook it. You can try a utility called Unphuck to fix it.
    3. could be a bad file crosslinked on someones HD. cluster errors, such as a text file and the mp3 sharing the same cluster space and when fixed, half is audio half being text. no way to fix that.

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    Thanks Locust. Like the name of that program, will try that!!

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    U could use WinMX

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    Use Kazaa Lite and you wont have problems!!!!!!!!&# 33;!


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