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Thread: Router

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    is there anywhere i can get a free router to mask a cable ip number... or is there a way to do so without a router i am beign attacked through my cable ip it has said that my cookie for internet exploerere is gone

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    If you have an older computer you no longer use, you can turn this into a router, Linux Router Project with this free software. There are many ways to turn an older computer into a router, or a firewall with NAT (Network Address Translation).
    Are you using a firewall?
    a router wont stop someone from accessing your computer, your Cable IP address will still be the same with a router, you will just be using a non internet routeable IP address, such as or, these can still be gotten to from outside the internet if someone is able to get to your gateway. but thats a long discussion and not for this forum.
    Use a firewall. if you want a router, then you can build one, use a standalone computer as one, or just install some free firewall software, check the forum for links to free firewalls.
    Routers will do firewalling and permit additional computers to also use that single IP address given to you from the cable company.
    If your not going to add additional computers to the network, then no need to just get a router, use some firewall software.
    There are also proxy applications you can use to enchance security if needed.

    A disappearing cookie does not indicated someone has gained access to your system, it just could have expired. I do not see why a person would break into your computer just to erase a cookie? Maybe you ran an application such as Window Washer and it erased it, or you emptied it yourself via your web browsers options to delete cookies.

    Here is a thread on the forum which has links to many free and shareware firewall apps
    • Another way to turn an older computer into a router is with the Linux Live-CD Router FREE, Runs on a CD. allows you to share your broadband connection and use WIFI. You can use DSL, ADSL, Cable Modem, T1, Fixed IPs, ISDN, Dial-Up, WIFI, build you own Access Point and more. You simply have to download it and burn it to a CDrom. Then you just boot it and use it. No need to install.

      Hardware Requirements
      One dedicated computer with the following minimum specifications: 486 Processor, 16 MBytes of RAM, 2X CDRom Reader, Floppy Drive, 1 or 2 ethernet cards. NO hard disk! Optionally a WIFI card


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