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    Patent Snooper


    First, the request

    I think a lot of people would apprecite it if someone could supply:

    GetIPDL 1.12.2 and older versions.

    Now the details

    This program used to be freeware and it's great. It lets you download patents from the offical patent offices in the US, EU, Japan, etc. as PDF files. Normally you have to pay $ just to download a patent as a PDF. Some of the patent offices let you "view" the patent, but as single tiff images, not as multipage PDF files. Anwyay, this app used to be free, but as of versions 2.0 and newer, it has become demoware.

    This app is great, particularly for the Slashdot crowd. There are always patent articles on /. and this app makes getting the full PDF patent with figures a piece of cake.

    The last free version was GetIPDL 1.12.2, but that might not have been widely released. Probably the last free and widely released version is GetIPDL 1.10.1 It would be ideal to get either of those versions, but ANY of the pre 2.0 versions would greatly be appreciated.

    I reccomend buying the new version as it's great. But I want to install free versions across a network. We bought a couple of the new versions for when we really need serious use; but most of the people on the network will use it rarely if ever, and the older free version will be great for them.

    Here is the version history:
    GetIPDL Version History

    Here is the current site:
    GetIPDL Main Page

    Thanks for any help.

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    Super Moderator
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    May 2003


    Found so far just these newer versions
    PatentHunter 2.0 Shareware, software program that helps patent attorneys, businesses and inventors search, download and manage United States and foreign patents downloading patents with PatentHunter is FREE because PatentHunter searches patents and downloads complete patent images from the USPTO and EPO websites.

    More Patent software can be found here

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    Patent Snooper


    PatentHunter actually is *not* free. You have to pay for the program. They call it free because you don't pay to download each PDF patent (which you otherwise would have to pay for). However, getIPDL not only would let you download patents for free, but the program (versions earlier than 2.0) itself was/is free.

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    May 2003


    Originally posted by Patent Snooper@Jan 23 2004, 04:45 PM
    PatentHunter actually is *not* free.
    right, that is why it says 'shareware' after the name of the program.
    the whole paragragh is from the actual website.

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    The FREE word :)

    11-12-01 GetIPDL 1.0.116 FREEWARE WIN(all)

    02-18-02 GetIPDL 1.0.130 FREEWARE WIN95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
    (click on link oar :) right click save target as)

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    Patent Snooper


    locustfurnace thanks for posting all those versions. Can you mirror the 1.7 version? I tried the link for 1.7 and just get a dead link. Versions 1.7 and up were particularly getting good so that is a GREAT version you found. Now if we can just get it to stay around long enough for people to download! Thanks again, you rule!

    Goslow thanks so much. I can get both of those versions.

    This is an awesome service you guys are providing! At least I have something to work with here, now if I can just get something 1.7 or better (ideally 1.10 or the mythical 1.12 version).

    Man Im so jazzed.


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