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    I've recently upgraded to McAfee Spamkiller 4.40 from my old version It looks the same but the GUI is now colour as opposed to B&W.
    What really has annoyed me is that ships with McAfee Security Center which is nothing more than intrusive ad-ware. I only have one McAfee product (spamkiller) so I don't want to be pestered with pop-ups telling me I need Virus scan etc. Even though I click on NO when it asks me if I want to learn more about the MyDoom virus, it still whisks me off to their wretched web-site trying to sell me their wares. This Security centre cannot be removed without removing Spamkiller as well.
    I e-mailed (3 times) to a department that someone in a fit of enthusiasm called 'Customer Support' to ask how to remove this blatant ad-ware and guess what..... sweet FA.
    Another disadvantage of the new version is that it tries to ‘Nanny’ me. One of the best features with the old version was that you could view your mail without downloading it from the server so obvious virus’s I could just delete, however with this new version it downloads the mail to my HDD in case I accidentally deleted wanted mail. So of course during this recent spate of virus’s my Norton anti virus was working overtime deleting the damned things.
    Needless to say I have removed the new and re-installed the old version again. I have asked McAfee for a refund but I should imagine I’ll have to whistle for it.

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    Originally posted by Jaime Andrés@Feb 17 2004, 07:51 PM
    One of the best features with the old version was that you could view your mail without downloading it from the server so obvious virus’s I could just delete,
    This usually is not a software feature, this usually is determined on the server side on how the email is handled. such as having a POP3 server or an IMAP4 Server.
    a POP3 server will download all the email to your email client before you can read it. IMAP can also do this, but it can leave your email on the server in folders for later retrieval and you can easily read them again. When you create folders in you email cleint under a POP3 server, the folders are only created in the userland; on your home computer and email app, if you create folders on an IMAP server, they will be created on the email server and will appear even if you are not using the email client you created them in - as they reside on the IMAP email server.

    It could be possible that you had a different email server when you used the older version.


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