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Thread: Format Program

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    i noticed on ebay that people are selling software that includes a format utility that is supposed to be a low level format that will correct some problems with a hard drive ,supposedly as used by repair depots and supposedly better than the windows format utility as it brings your hard drive back to factory new condition, could you please give your views on this subject or indeed let me know if you have seen such a piece of software for download ,

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    All hard drives are low-level formatted. if you buy a brand new hard drive they usually include tools for formatting you drive.
    Low-level formatting really only needs to be once, and thats at the factory. It's different than formatting the drive to prepare it for a Operating System. Also, low-level formatting can void the warranty with the manufacturer. If your start to low level format your hardrive, and the power gets interrupted, you might have to toss the hard drive in the thrash.
    Only in extremely rare circumstances should a user low-level format their drives. This is not something you will want to do each time you would install an OS. It can take a very long time also to low-level format the drive.
    You should not need to buy these programs, they can usually be found on the manufacturer's website. Dont use a Maxtors utility on a Western Digitials drive either or vice-versa. Only use the utilitys from the drives manufacturers.

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    I had a problem with a computer years ago (an IBM XT from the '80s). The portion of the hard drive that held the FAT was developing some bad sectors. Ordinary formatting only solved the problem for a day or two.

    After a low level format, the problem was gone.

    After seven more computers, I still haven't needed to do it again.


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