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    Originally posted by bontonroulee@Jan 12 2005, 10:30 PM
    but it's not what i need,
    Did you try the dBPowerAMP suggested in this thread?

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    Lame is a good mp3 compressor if you want mp3's, though mp3 is fading away and being rapidly replaced with various AAC (Advanced Audio Codec).

    LOL, what planet are you on? AAC is more advanced than MP3, no doubt, but to try to say that AAC is rapidly replacing MP3 is a fantasy. It has been 6+ months since you posted that and MP3 is still dominating.

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    mp3 is dominating where??

    Ipod/Itunes? No, cause Apple is using Mpeg-4 AAC.
    Quicktime? hmm, no since thats using Mpeg-4 AAC
    Satellite radio is using Mpeg-4 AAC
    Nero comes with AAC encoders.
    RealAudio 10 incorporates the standards-based and widely used MPEG-4 AAC codec at bitrates over 128 kbps
    3GPP and 3GPP2 uses AAC
    Most Divx encoders use MPEG-4 AAC.
    DVD movies use AC3
    The DVD Forum has chosen AAC for their DVD-A format.
    Satellite transmission use MPEG2.
    Nokia 9300 (cell Phone), handles - MP3, MPEG4(AAC), RA, MIDI

    Mpeg4 video is using AAC, mpeg audio compression. AAC is in the MPEG4 specifications.
    Where is mp3 dominating?? In the p2p networks? That does not count, even the quality is poor in p2p networks. Do you mean cause Walmart sells a bunch of mp3 players to the average home user?

    .InterVideo has selected Coding Technologies' aacPlus v2 codec for its MPEG-4 video transceiver and editor server. This software is already deployed by Media Socket for the mobile video ringtones and video sharing services offered on NTT DoCoMo's FOMA service. Media Socket's other customers include ATT Wireless and Verizon Wireless.

    .TTPCom Ltd, the world's leading independent supplier of digital wireless technology, today announces that the Enhanced aacPlus codec (aka aacPlus v2), the 3GPP standard for high quality content delivery, will soon be available pre-integrated in AJAR, TTPCom's advanced applications platform.

    .Ericsson has licensed Coding Technologies' Enhanced aacPlus (aka aacPlus v2) implementations for various signal processor platforms. Ericsson Mobile Platform will incorporate this software to offer market leading mobile phone platforms including aacPlus.

    MPEG-4 High Efficiency AAC is the combination of MPEG AAC and the SBR Bandwidth Extension
    amendment, which was finalized during the March 2003 MPEG meeting.
    Digital TV and audio industry, MPEG-2 AAC LC plus SBR will be also standardized in an amendment to MPEG-2 AAC (Part 7 of MPEG-2).
    aacPlus gained its first commercial success with XM Satellite Radio.

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    Originally posted by Lieutenantdan@Mar 11 2004, 09:18 PM
    I recently recieved an MP3 player as a gift and alot of the songs i would like are in .wma format and my MP3 player for somereason cannot read .wma's. Ive been searching for a long time (months) for an MP3 converter that is 1) Free and 2) works lol. It would be a MAJOR miracle if you guys could spend some time and try to find out for me. I've given up hope. My teacher came across this site looking for Kazaalite and shared it with the class so i figured i could check here and have some hope. If you can't find one its no biggy, but if you have any references or any clue about any, your help would be much appreciated..

    Db power amp is very good format convertor

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    Default convert from ram,ra,rm to mp3

    is ther is a free program to convert from ram,ra,rm to mp3 please reply which one can i download. thanks

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    TuneCab is the best way to convert RAX. Actually I use this converter for all kind of audio and video files

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    Default WMA format to MP3 format conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by Lieutenantdan View Post
    I recently recieved an MP3 player as a gift and alot of the songs i would like are in .wma format ... Ive been searching for a long time (months) for an MP3 converter that is 1) Free and 2) works lol.

    Free audio conversion will usually balk at any copy protected (DRM) files in the .wma format. It's not free, unfortunately, but TUNEBITE will remove DRM from the Windows Media Files at 2x - 4x normal speed playback, rather than 1x playback with a recorder encoding the new format. If not copy protected, then I'd recommend trying dbPoweramp as noted in previous posts.

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    Default Midi to mp3 or mp3 to midi converter

    Hi I am a newbie here in this forum. anybody here knows a good softwares that can convert Midi to mp3 or mp3 to midi ? Thank you very much for your attentions.
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