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    I need to know exactly which file I would backup in order to successfully backup and keep my old modem driver as I am attempting to update my modem driver. Would it be the actual file that says modem on drive c:\ or would it be some other file ? Where would I find it ? The modem that I have now works fine with it's driver but can only get me 26,400bps. I called my ISP and asked them why I could not get a higher connection speed, and they gave me an additional modem string to put in my advanced connection settings prompt. I did so, and I got a much higher connection speed of 38,000bps to 57,600bps, but the movement of my modem was actually much slower at those speeds. I called my ISP back and explained to them how slowly the modem was running now, and they asked me for a my modem name and the number associated with the particular driver that I am using, and they told me that the particular modem that I was using was older and that driver was outdated, and they explained to me that even though I am connecting at higher speeds, the driver and modem cannot transfer the data fast enough thereby causing a log jam of data thereby causing it to move slowly. They gave me this webpage where I could download a new modem driver. I have downloaded it but need to backup my current driver just in case I need it. I don't have any type of installation CD for this modem. I have Windows 98SE and I am using PCTel's HSP56 MicroModem , and the number attached to the driver that I am using in the ATi3 slot is 7.66-9k-01. Is there any way for me to increase my connection speed other than updating my current modem driver. Thank You for your time.

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    Go to the Control Panel, click the System applet. (alternative to this is to hit the windows keyboard key and the Pause/Break key). Click on the modem icon. Click your modem icons under the modem icon, then click Properties, click the Driver tab, then Drive File Details. This should give you the name and location of the drivers, which you can backup, just by locating the file in the specified folder.
    You can then copy it to whatever media you plan to back it up to.

    While your under the Control Panel, and the System Properties, be sure to check out the ports, COM applet, expanded it to Com1, Com2, click each one and go to the propeties, Port Settings, and adjust the Bits Per Second to their highest settings. Such as 921600, or on some modems its just 115000. Most common settings for the modem are 8 data bits, Parity None, Stop Bits 1, Flow Control Xon/Xoff, which is usually written out as 8,None,1,Xon/Xoff
    Also under the Com Ports, Properties click the advanced tab, and slide BOTH sliders to their maximum settings.
    Change the settings for each Com Port, this is the communication port your modem will use. This may be all you need to adjust - unless it is already set this way, then you will want to update the modems driver. But check these settings first. if they are not as described, change them, test it out, if things are OK, dont update driver, if things do not improve or are already set this way, then update the driver.

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    I am seriously contemplating getting a whole new modem as oppose to just trying to tweak this one as I am not a big fan of the HSP modems like the one I have currently which acts as a drainer on my pentium. I want to get a certain modem that I have been seriously looking at for it's quality and it's price as I am not looking to spend extra money for a modem. Given your extensive knowledge of computers, your opinion is of great value. The modem that I am looking at is made by Trendware or Trendnet. Please click on link to see more for yourself at: http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...257813&pfp=cat3 Let me know what you think of this modem considering it's price, and whether it will behave in such a way as to drain processing power. Thanks again.

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    One thing you must realize is that ANY internal modem today, will be a controllerless device, which basically means they do not have any hardware control, they are modems which have no processing ability, they rely solely on the CPU to handle this.
    Alot of the modems have names such as HCI, HSP; (Host Signal Processor), and are "Windows Ready," or "Windows based," but it is basically another term for a software-modem. A.K.A, winmodems. Since they will only work on a MS Windows OS based machine
    This keeps cost down, but will also give subpar performance. Most of these modems are stuffed into all new computers these days, as they are super cheap to manufacture.
    If your serious, and feel you will be a dial-up customer for a while, as you may have no intentions to go to broadband, or other reasons, you might want to consider getting an external modem.
    External modems have their own controller chips. Do not rely on the CPU, can easily be reset with the press of a button, have visual lights for better diagnostics, work independant of the operating system and provide much better overall performance. And also being an external modem, allows them to be outside of the case; which can have high temperatures. Being an external would allow it to cool faster as well, as Heat will affect everything.I had a 33.6 modem years ago which would drop off and disconnect me once the computer got heated up.
    They generally do cost a bit more, this is the reason you have to consider the cost, is it worth it? Will you eventually in 6 month to a year, be switching to broadband? If your sure you plan to be a dial-up customer for a while, the investment is worth it. I have been using external modems for years before broadband, and I could easily use one modem on several systems, such as a Windows box or a Apple Mac box.
    I still have several external modems in the parts box.

    I have a few similar to this model from Zoom

    If you not wanting to spend alot, atleast purchase a good solid brand name modem, such as a US Robotics, even one of those Creative Labs might be alright, I never had any problems with a Zoom modem either. The modem your selecting, I am not aware of the company. Maybe what you can do is take the modem's model #, and do alittle researching on the web, see if anyone has any serious complaints, or good comments about it.


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