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    I thought this would be a great idea to store tubes,graphices etc. myself, even tho the openly admit that they plan on data mining your account. I'd not ever place anything there that I gave a rat's tail about. However, til Google gets their show on the road I signed up for Spymac. It is turly fubar'd.
    No where on their site or in the TOS does it state what it won't allow other than porn. However, they have blocked all mail from Yahoo groups. It's free so, their viewpoint seems to be take it or leave it.. They're trying to blame it on a minor glitch and also state that Yahoo won't forward to them. Think twi ce before trying Spymac.

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    People say that Google Watch is just a fake.

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    Originally posted by TheBulbasaurfreak@May 28 2004, 01:36 PM
    People say that Google Watch is just a fake.
    arrghhhhhhhh return of the 3 word wonder

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    Originally posted by http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3835495.stm
    Hotmail counters Google e-mail

    Hotmail is boosting the amount of storage space for users of both its free and paid e-mail service.
    From July the basic Hotmail allowance will be boosted to 250MB and paying customers will get two gigabytes.

    The move is widely seen as a response to Google's GMail service which gives all users a gigabyte of storage to keep all their messages.

    With the announcement, Hotmail becomes one of a growing pool of e-mail firms offering users huge amounts of storage.


    Ask Jeeves has also increased the amount of storage for users of its free e-mail services. Now users of MyWay, Excite and IWon will get 125MB of hard disk space
    Yahoo has already increased users mailboxes to 100megs for non paying users and 2GB for paying users. Plus attachment filesize has gone from 3megs to 10megs.

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    El Kabong


    I got Gmail, it's great!

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    Another supplier of free 1GB storage e-mail, seems alright so far.
    Here's the link Rediff.com if anyone else wants to give it a try.

    Another is Aventure email with 2gb free service from an Irish company

    Somewhere for you to store backup photo's etc!

    BTW the aventure one is not accepting new people at the moment
    and the rediff one on the free service does not forward to pop3 (ie OE)

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    but how does google know the contents of your emails Hhhmmmmm !
    Computers scan it, then if they find any keywords, they'll send e-mail to you related tpo the keywords.

    Besides, it's better than Hotmail spam, which spams you telling you to help stop spam.

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    I got Gmail, it's great!
    Cool, how'd you get it?

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    El Kabong


    Originally posted by hildred241@Aug 5 2004, 01:57 PM
    I got Gmail, it's great!
    Cool, how'd you get it?
    Somebody sent me an invite.

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    they say it's automatic...nobody actually sits there and investigates the contents of your mailbox. i have a gmaiol account. it's pretty darn convinient.


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