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Thread: Quicktime

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    Default QuickTime Pro 6.4 help

    Program Name: QuickTime Pro 6.4
    Website: apple.com
    Current version:
    Desired versions:QuickTime Pro 6.4

    thanks for any help!!
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    How much does QuickTime cost?
    QuickTime (including QuickTime Player, PictureViewer and browser plug-ins) is free of charge. QuickTime Pro is an upgrade to QuickTime, and is $29.99. QuickTime Streaming Server is included with Mac OS X Server and Darwin Streaming Server is free, both with no per-stream licensing fees. QuickTime Broadcaster (for Mac OS X) is also available as a free download. The QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component is available for $19.99 for Mac OS X and Windows.

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    Default Quicktime for Macintosh?

    Hey, I have a Mac OS 7.4 and I need help finding Quicktime for it. Can anyone help me? Im lost. I think I need Quicktime <2.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkdestiny54 View Post
    Hey, I have a Mac OS 7.4 and I need help finding Quicktime for it.
    You can find some updates for older Macintosh software on Apples ftp server.


    untested 1.3megs

    QuickTime For Windows 2.03

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    Default Quicktime

    Does anyone know where to find Quicktime 2.01?
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    Always wise to use the Search feature before posting saves us merging threads when you add to an existing one and also keeps all relevent info together.You never know you may need that thread again and it makes it easier to find.
    simply me

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    I am a sad little spammer who was warned once and now is banned.

    Please forgive me.
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    Default Quicktime 6.5.4

    Program Name: Quicktime
    Website: Apple - QuickTime - Download
    Current version: 7.6.2
    Desired versions: 6.5.4
    Description: I'm trying to run Myst on a new computer running Windows Vista 64 bit, and I've got just about everything working except for the quicktime movies. I've found that any versions above 6.5.4 won't work properly, nor will anything below 6.4. Starting from there I've worked my way up version by version all the way to 6.5.2, but I can not find 6.5.3 or 6.5.4 anywhere. Please, if anyone can help, I would be eternally grateful.

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