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    You guys are probably going to yell at me for posting another kazaalite topic but I've already combed through the previous topics/posts and couldn't get any answers. I recently discovered the problem with my Kazaa Lite yesterday.

    About a month ago, my Windows XP was totally buggy and I decided to reinstall it. I had an old version of KazaaLite possibly v.1.7.2 or something, I don't totally remember. Regardless, that Kazaalite worked perfect, it d/led smoothly and connected to other users fine. So I reinstalled my windows and tried to load up Kazaalite again but it wouldn't connect. I was a bum and left it alone for awhile.

    So yesterday, I decided to get a new version of kazaa. Much to my dismay, almost all the versions that are up for d/l I tried were nothing like my old Kazaalite. They all could barely connect to a user and I'd rarely get a download, even for popular files with multiple users sharing them. What the whore go on? I'm relatively computer literate but I feel like a moron or something since I have no idea why this is happening. I'd greatly appreciate any clues as to why this Kazaalite paradox is occurring. Thanks.

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    Try this thread for possible explanation

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    So I read through that 4 page post and someone mentioned to get Kazaa and then Diet K in conjunction. So is that it and will it work? Who else is doing that here. I'm definitely willing to do it if that's what everyone else is doing, after all, I'm nothing more than a conformist, i'm a follower, not a leader, whee hee.

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    kazaa lite 2.43 should run fine on your system, i have a friend who runs it on windows xp. but then if you have tried more than one version etc already you may want to download and run kazaa begone before you do as it removes all kazaa related files from your computer and then would allow you to do a clean installation. if you search past postings you will find info on where to get kazaa begone. also although not directly the same it would of been far better to add this post to an existing thread as it keeps all info on the same subject together and not spread all over the forum, you can get 2.43 klite from the oldversion home page
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