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    Hoping you guys can help me, i've been using the previous to the latest version of kazaa for months and now run into problems playing back the tracks. Up until the last 8 or so files i've downloaded i have had no problems what so ever until now every file i down load will play back for a short amount of time but then make a high pitch noise and no music!!

    I down loaded kazaa lite++ to try and i'm having the same problems there!

    It doesn't matter what programme i use to play the track it still does the same thing. Anyone have any ideas how to cure the problem?

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    There could be 2 reasons your hearing this, 1. could be a 'bomb' or dud planned by those trying to stop the illegal sharing of music, or 2. could just be a corrupt file.
    Read these previous threads for possible solution

    Originally posted by * guest@Apr 9 2004, 01:24 PM
    Anyone have any ideas how to cure the problem?
    I do not think you'll experience this problem if your buy the music your wanting to listen to.

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    i think as LF says these are bombs, reading various articles splattered around the internet, several hundred thousand of these dud files are being pushed into kazaa to discourage people from downloading files, the aim is to put people off using p2p apps and kazaa being so popular is one of the main targets although other p2p programs are now being looked at as people are looking at alternatives,most of these files change to a hiss or squealing noise after 30 seconds or so..
    simply me

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    Thanx to metallica im kinda scared to share music,hell im even afraid to download it..........A friend of mine has 300 songs on his computer,downloads all the time,i am scared to.............

    No reason for this,except some stupid band got money hungry and tried to ruin it all.............The MPAA AND RIAA STARTED OUT AS PIRATES!!

    This really angers me..........

    The Dude

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    The Silent Heretic


    No band started this whole P2P contoversy... it was the fat-cat record labels that are the true greedy ones. That's where almost all of the revenue from CD sales go to... the record companies. Metallica backed this for their own reasons, but I guarantee money wasn't one of them. I doubt if all P2P sharing of music was stopped today that most bands would see more than 5% increase in their funds. The money for the bands really comes from concerts, and not CD sales, so I wish everyone would get off the backs of the artists opposing P2P...they have other reasons for it.

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    Google in MP3 Shield for a URL to download this free app. It detects and aborts corrupted MP3 files when being downloaded.

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    Originally posted by Jaime Andrés@Apr 11 2004, 12:09 PM
    Google in MP3 Shield for a URL to download this free app.
    mp3 shield is in one of the threads I posted already in my previous post up top. And another mp3 fixer is inlcuded in those posts as well.
    As already stated, that will not fix a 'bomb' track. Alot of those tracks are bait, and the catch is nothing but white noise.


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