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    Adobe 4.0 is much faster than the new fukin' version 6.02
    In Addition Adobe 6.02 is in no way better than the older version!
    I especially loved the old stile Search, the new one is f**kin' s*it!
    THX for this Page! Keep on!

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    Acrobat Reader does not correctly render Type 3 fonts either, use a high quality pdf reader for those documents using Type3, such as GhostView.

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    Originally posted by burak@Apr 10 2004, 09:28 AM
    I really needed this because of divx and kazaa programs' old versions, thank you
    Hey Burak"mad" whats happenin, long time, no see your typed word- Heh.

    You lose you way to "artistareabulletinboard.com?"

    Steve's bbs: http://realitybb.com

    Jules and Shauna's BBS http://moosiks.com


    Well, this place is great ain't it!

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    [COLOR=purple] I'm so happy I found this sight! I'm no computer GEEK! I kept losing and corrupting my old Kazaa and real player files THAT I HAD PAID FOR! The companies would NEVER send me an attachment to download the older version I had already paid for, they wanted my money for their new sh**! I just wanted to download a copy I had already purchased, MAN! These guys just want to put the screws to ya! well, screw them! I've found my new bit*% here! I'm getting married to this sight! At least it's FAITHFUL!

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    Well, I also wanted to add my name to the list of people that love this site, and I haven't even downloaded anything from it. I must say, I sometimes hate new versions of programs that have all sorts of glitches that make you wish you hadn't upgraded. I especially like all the versions of WinAmp you guys have. Not too long ago I went looking for WinAmp 2.x only to find that they no longer offered it on their website. I found the file somewhere and have been storing it on my hard drive ever since because I love it. Anyway, to cut away from the stories, you guys are bookmarked and my first stop next time I'm looking for an old program that I love and managed to lose. Way to go!!

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    LoL LiEk oMg u gUyZ R S0o0o0o0 RiTe!

    dIs sItE Is lIeK mAd aS!

    fAnKz 4 Da kIcK BuTt SiTe!!

    ReEp iT ReAl dOwN DeRe bRaZ

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    i just like 2 say that this is 1 of the best sites. Companies frequently come up with upgrades for thier products that worsen the product so the user has to buy a "pro" or "delux version". Its sites like this that allow people 2 get the best version of a product 4 free. Thanx a billion. u guyes r my heros

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    lol about time someone made a site like this, u guys rule. if u keep it free and popup free, registration free, and keep adding files, u guys would rule. thanx a million.i wanna vote it for the webby awards. byeeeeeeee :lol:

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    about time ? oldversion is nothing new its been around for quite a while, but yeah your right its well worth an award for all the great help it provides to each and every visitor

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    You posted in the wrong forum. >_< This has nothing to do with a program on OldVersion.com.

    post moved ~ locustfurnace


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