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Thread: Which Kazaa

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    This has been asked before in varying degrees, you might find an answer in a previous thread. try a few

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    Originally posted by frankybme@Apr 11 2004, 01:31 PM
    Which kazaa version is consdered the best to use?
    really its getting to the stage where there isnt a good one, virtually daily this subject comes up and each time people spend time trying to help people, i have been watching the subject quite a bit, and every week more and more people are getting sued, loads more people seem to have viruses from using it and now of late there are many write ups about dud files that play for so long and then turn to a hiss, according to internet news sources there are thousands of these files being pumped in to kazaa to put people off using it ,as locustfurnace has stated read some of the many threads on the subject and perhaps you may want to try an alternative such as win mx
    simply me

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    For as long as it lasts.

    The WinMX programs, cracks, etc.. are neither virusfree...

    Try to download a patch, or just a cheat from a game, you get about 100different filesizes.

    Anyway, I'm not gonna say one is better then the other; for I use multiple.
    K-Lite; Winmx, Imesh, and another one...

    each one has it's reason. What I can't find on one, I find on another...
    About the virusses, get an anti-virus scanner, like Nav. or whatever...
    (Nav, PCcyl. and MCafee (especially Mcafee) slows your computerperformance!&#33

    About ads & popups, get a firewall (Sygate, or Zonealarm, or so...), and popup-blocker.

    about spyware, get something like adaware...

    And I don't really care if you like these programs, or not, I like them. All have advantages, or disadvantages over another.

    In the end you install 100 programs, just to get your movie, music, or datafile...


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    Dude Forget Kazaa download the best p2p program shareaza from www.shareaza.com and you will get a multinetwork client, that means that you will be a ble to browse and download files from 3 different p2p networks.

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    In an attempt to stop all the "k-lite is gone, the world has ended" threads, I'll try to explain what I know about K-lite. Contrary to what you've heard, development has not really stopped. K-lite will never be as popular as it once was, and the development will most likely not be done by the same guys, but it will NOT be going away.

    All the original kazaa lite sites, like k-lite.tk, doa2.host.sk, kazaalite.tk, etc, now have NO REFFERENCE to kazaa lite. The main file download mirror by edskes has had K-lite removed. These will almost certainly NOT be back, so just remove them from your bookmarks.

    is where the new K-lite 2.6 boards are located. I'm a mod there now, so I should be able to help. kyle06, agent smith, and Elviz from zp are also mods, so you can contact them if you have problems. The forums will provide you with all your update needs, including the original installer (there are still many mirrors working). There is also an update utility to upgrade 2.4.3 with the latest tools and patches. So unless they ban the 2.0.2 and earlier clients from the network, Kazaa lite will allways work and will ALLWAYS be updated. (The 2.4.3 client will eventually not work, as KMD 2.6 supernodes ban 2.0.2 clients, which is what 2.4.3 is based off of. Thats why we're working on a beta for 2.6)

    Is a somewhat slow mirror, I don't know if it will stay updated.

    I will ask the developers to come over here and answer any questions you may have. If they don't want to, I'll try to keep in contact with them and get your answers.

    I would like to mention that a version of Kazaa 2.6 is being worked on by several people. It would not include spyware, but might not have all the K-lite tools.

    If you for some reason cannot get K-lite 2.4.3 to work, or want to use KMD 2.6 for some reason, you can try . It should remove all spyware and give you some more advanced features than KMD. Unfortunately, K-lite still has better tools, but this will allow you to use Kazaa without the crap.

    Please, if you have a copy of k-lite still, SHARE IT. If nobody shares it, this software will eventually go away.

    One last thing. The K-lite codec pack is still available for download. I'm not sure if development will continue, but I'll try to find out. Codec pack can be found at

    Read through this entire thread to find all the updates. They will usually be listed within the last few pages of the thread.

    removed links: 2004-19-07 refer to [Oldversion.com vs Sharman Networks

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    Gameglitch.com is f**k...

    On start some software try to install

    Home of K-Lite 2.6 is

    removed links: 2004-19-07 refer to [Oldversion.com vs Sharman Networks

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    Originally posted by frankybme@Apr 11 2004, 01:31 PM
    Which kazaa version is consdered the best to use?
    this same question has been asked many times, why repeat it, search the forum first before posting , try and do a little for yourself and not expect folk here to repeat themselves over and over

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    i really think you guys need to get a life, kazaa is crap it was good but is no longer. its full of junk, porno filth, virus , dud files and copyrite material which is illegal to download any way what a pointless way to live your life chasing and downloading crap and wasting your time


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