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Thread: Aim

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    I know that AIM 4.3 is the version that uses the centralized server. If you are using the AIM 3 series, then the list is stored on your computer.

    sportsluvr2, The big difference between 4.8 and 5 series is that 4.8 requires 64MB ram and the 5 series requires 128 MB ram. The 5 series has problems with security and spyware/adware. I believe the 5 series had a problem with the link = a virus, not too sure, but friends told me about it. I forgot which version it was. Also I do not like the box in 5 series that pops up when the person is away or idle, etc. By the way, version 4.8 is the last version supported by Windows 95. If you need to conserve RAM or make your computer run faster, use 4.8. As for 4.7, I don't know the difference between that and 4.8.

    Camus, you can use the older version of AIM. So far the versions that work are 1.6 or 1.7 (can't remember), 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0 for all I know. It's just that you can't use 3.5 b/c of that message you mentioned earlier. Version 3.5 is personally my favorite version. It had buddy icon, talk, the away message feature i liked, and had no ads, no spyware/adware, and for some reason can't find aim today. If anyone can get version 3.5 working, that would be great.

    Currently I'm using 3.0 and so far a pretty good version. 3.0 introduces the stock and news ticker but you can turn those off. Running versions anything higher than 4.8 is overkill for my laptop.

    BTW my system specs are
    366mhz celeron
    192 MB PC-100 SDRAM
    30GB HD
    4MB Video, Sound Card
    Running XP Home Service Pack 1

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    Originally posted by DethLord@Dec 16 2004, 06:56 PM
    4.8 requires 64MB ram and the 5 series requires 128 MB ram.
    Thats got to be a mistake, a chat app requiring 128megs of RAM??? Let alone 64megs. That would be if you have XP, but a single small app , the program itself isn't even 128megs in filesize. Where does the other need for this grossly large amount of RAM come from?

    I can understand VMware requiring large amounts of RAM, as it is a virtual machine and emulates alot of different areas. Plus a complete operating system is running inside the VM, so it depends on what the OS requires, but... a chat app! If this is correct, then programmers at AOL need to learn how to program all over again. I've seen webservers running on machines with 16megs of RAM. I can run a complete operating system in 4megs of RAM and less. I can fit a complete operating system on a single 1.44MB floppy disk.

    Just because some machines might have hundreds of megabytes does not mean programs should suck it all in.

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    okay i have version 5.9.3690 and it has a huge amount of annoying features. i managed to disable most of them but i still can't figure out how to get rid of the second aim window that pops up when aim starts (i don't know what it's called, right now it says "aim evening"). also, this program freezes all the time without explanation. i additionally hate the ads on top especially the ones that talk because they are scary. i think these may be what freezes my aim, since the ads freeze all the time too. i also suspect that the ads are the culprits that open up this other crazy window that i can't close and that just keeps making a terrible clicking sound, i think it's supposed to be a webpage but it is blank.

    in short, i am very irritated by this program, but i have been putting up with it for so long that i have gotten used to its features (voice chat, games) and i'd rather find some way to disable the rest of the stuff i don't like than download a different version without the extras that i love so dearly. please help me. i mainly want to get rid of the ads that i suspect freeze the aim and disable the aim popup window (i tried unclicking the "display AIM.com window at signon" but it still comes up).

    oh yeah this is sort of unrelated but i hate internet explorer's constant popup ads so i deleted it from my computer and i set netscape as the default but still when i click on aim websites (like those in the help section etc, not the ones in ims) it comes up on internet explorer, which opens a window but doesn't actually display any info. can i fix this? and is there a way to can get rid of the crap but keep the good stuff, like maybe redownloading it and selectively not downloading certain features? i just want to be able to use this thing. thanks.


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    oh yeah i forgot to say that i couldn't find any "host file" and that aim ad hack won't let me remove aim.com window while keeping aim games and it won't let me keep all the buttons i want.


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    is there an old version of aim that allows you to talk to people while you're away like in the MAC version of Aim? If so what number is it? By the way I'm using version AIM 5.2.3292 w/ DeadAim. DeadAim allows me to have everything I want: tabbed IM windows, no advertisements, logged conversations but I still can't talk and be away! I know they have something like that in a new version of AIM, its called because invisible I think. You can like "close the eyes" of one buddy list and you're not there? I didnt like the new version though it was really bulky and deadim didnt work w/ it, so I removed it and installed the old one again.

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    Originally posted by samantha+Jan 12 2005, 09:23 PM--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (samantha @ Jan 12 2005, 09:23 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>oh yeah i forgot to say that i couldn&#39;t find any "host file" and that aim ad hack won&#39;t let me remove aim.com window while keeping aim games and it won&#39;t let me keep all the buttons i want.
    Page 2 of this thread
    Originally posted by -locustfurnace@Sep 24 2004, 12:03 AM
    @Sep 23 2004, 11:42 PM
    well umm.. i might sound dumb but how exactly do you add it to your host file?
    Find the hosts file under C:&#092;windows (on win9x systems), if it is not there, then create a new file.
    You can add the ip address given by the_dude by using a text editor on the mentioned file, and type in that line.
    The same procedure can be used to block any ads from websites, or be used to speed up access to certain sites as well.
    Windows 95/98/Me c:&#092;windows&#092;hosts

    Windows NT/2000/XP Pro c:&#092;winnt&#092;system32&#092;drivers&#092;etc& #092;hosts

    Windows XP Home c:&#092;windows&#092;system32&#092;drivers&#092;et c&#092;hosts

    or look for one named Hosts.sam, use the find,files folders, feature in the start menu for Microsoft&#39;s Hosts example.
    copy it to another folder or disc
    open with notepad
    edit it as you wish
    save as filename "Hosts" with quotation marks
    this will save it as a file without extention e.g. ,.txt,.exe
    if you&#39;ve save the file as Hosts.txt just right click it and rename it
    delete the .txt part.
    copy your new Hosts file to one of the above locations.

    search this forum for host or hosts for more info

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    Yea every old version of AIM that I download, says that the SIM service can&#39;t be reached at this time. Does anyone know what is wrong??

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    not SIM sorry...

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    guest_The Dude


    In my opinion,aim AIM 5.5.3590 is the very best&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33; (It all goes to hell after 3590&#33;&#33

    If your having troubles deciding which 2 install,get this one......

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    I got fed up with AIM around 2 years ago I switched to Trillian and never went back.


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