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Thread: Windows Os

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    I need a version of Windows 95.

    I have an old Packard Bell (266mhz with 32mbs DIMM)

    and a

    Compaq (266mhz with 48mb SIMMS)

    both have sad memory cards maybe 2mb's each.

    But anyway I was wondering if anyone any sites for old OS's

    (other then the site Old OS)

    TY B)

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    ok, n/m I found my CD key.

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    IMO, both machines are not that bad.
    You can use them for surfing and almost everything.
    I prefer the one from Packard Bell.
    Try to fit them with 64MB and install Win98SE.(doing a custom install, of
    course) and It will run smoothly, just disable wallpapers, screen savers, animated cursors, destktop themes and get a clean startup too.
    I personally have a 233, 128MB with runs very fast and I use it
    for surfing, downloads, uploads and listening music.
    No complains about its performance.

    Good Luck.


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    ok well does anyone still know im looking for a old, old version of windows

    as in pre-3.x

    any ideas?

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    Travis McGee


    I've seen old versions of Windows at Computer shows.
    Not often, but I've seen them. Picked up several years ago a W3.1 and Word Perfect 5.1.

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    I've seen old versions there, but U'll have to pay for them

    http://www.recycledsoftware.com/pricelst.htm#2 5

    otherwise, try on kazaa ...

    Good luck

    +++ DerBauer

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    I have v1 v2 v3.0 of Windows...

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    I have win3.0, win95 upgrade and win95 oem with usb support that is newer than the upgrade version.

    Edited by Therese

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    I'm running win98se on a Digital Equipment 5100 with a 233mhz clock and 192meg ram. Bios harddrive limit is 8gig but with a Promise ultra 66 card it can handle 128gig drives. The ultra 66 card has two ide connectors that handle a master/slave pair each ( four drives ) . The computers own Motherboard ide connectors are still available giving a total of 8 drive capacity. The CDrom Reader and CDrom Burner are on the Motherboard ide connectors. Currently have a Bigfoot 11gig harddrive installed with win98se installed four times into four different partitions using System Commander and a couple other utilities to do it. A second harddrive is installed for storage. The reason for this setup is that CD Burner programs ( Nero, NTI, Primo etc ) can only be installed one per operating system ( I had crashes when I tried to install NTI and Nero on the same OS ). This warning is poorly documented and only saw it one time, when I received Primo.

    I need the instructions for System Commander. They were not with System Commander when I received it. I was able to get it to work but with the instructions I'm shure it would be easier than the razzmatazz I went through ( reformated the harddrive, after it crashed, at least 18 times ) before I got it to do what I wanted.


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